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Miropa Vintage.  Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to earn extra income through your blog.

In some cases, affiliate marketing can even bring in greater profits than other techniques such as PPC or AdSense.

Affiliate marketing itself has several advantages over other blog monetization methods. The main thing is that you don’t need to have your own product to start doing it.

All you need to do is direct readers through your affiliate link, and you will get a commission for every successful transaction made through that link.

Will the buyer lose if he buys through an affiliate link?

Certainly not!

The price offered remains the same. Sometimes you can even get a special discount from the owner of the affiliate link.

Win-win solution, everyone can profit.

But unfortunately many affiliate marketers who abuse this opportunity. Quite a lot of site owners who use a lot of affiliate links with the intention of bringing in profits rather than helping their readers.

Indeed, no one is harmed in this case, because the owner of the affiliate link and the buyer are not harmed, but in my opinion, there is a better way to do affiliate marketing.

Trust is expensive. Site owners can buy likes , backlinks and comments to increase their site’s rating. But trust from readers is something that cannot be bought at any price.

So if you want to do affiliate marketing, do it because you want to provide solutions to readers’ problems rather than just for profit. (Of course if you can both)

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How to do good and right affiliate marketing?

Here are tips for those of you who want to do affiliate marketing properly and correctly.

Find a product that fits your niche

Compared to monetization techniques with PPC, you can choose specifically what products you want to display with affiliate marketing according to the keywords you are after.

Depending on what niche you have, there are many types of products and services that you can promote, such as:

  • Books / ebooks, whether written by yourself or books that you think can benefit people in the niche you are aiming for.
  • Products physically, the most famous of course Amazon. However, currently there are also many local services that provide affiliate programs such as Bhineka, Lazada, Zalora, to Bukalapak.
  • Software / Applications, Average is one of the affiliate program provider sites that contains a lot of software and applications that you can promote.
  • Online courses, for example, are Mas Yodhia’s online business management course, edubisnis, which also opens an affiliate program.
  • Services, training, to music, etc.

Recommend the products you trust the most

If you don’t believe in the product you are about to offer, how can you offer it to others?

Although we can directly promote goods without having to own or try them first, it’s good if you do this.

By trying it yourself, we can know the ins and outs of a product. so we can know the advantages and disadvantages. With this additional knowledge, your product reviews will have a plus point compared to other people’s reviews of the same product.

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Give an objective assessment

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. so there is no need to overdo it in reviewing the products you advertise.

What if it turns out that people who buy through your affiliate link find the products you offer are not as fantastic as the reviews you made?

Treat affiliate program products like your own

What can you do if you promote the products you make through your website?

Surely you will make a special review about the product in full and promote it every chance you get. Maybe you will even create a custom widget that will display the products you sell.

As with affiliate program products, if you believe in quality and believe that the product can help your readers, treat the product as if you were promoting your own product.

Find your ‘mainstay’ product

Of all the affiliate program products that you promote, look for one basic product that you can rely on.

This product is fundamental. Everyone who comes looking for keywords on your site will need this product.

This product must also be a product that you trust the most because it will be your first step in building buying and selling relationships with your readers. It is hoped that this product can be a stepping stone for future purchases.

For example, my mainstay product is a hosting service from Niagahoster . I’ve been using it myself for years and trust the quality of service that hosting service provider provides.

And every reader who visits this blog will someday need a hosting service to start their own site/blog.

Avoid similar products

Choose one mainstay product from each category that you want.

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If you want to advertise similar products, direct buyers to be able to properly buy the product that is closest to the solution to the problem they are facing.

For example, if you have a site with a niche for learning to play soccer, you can make soccer shoes your mainstay product.

You can sell a lot of football shoes. But too many choices can make potential buyers confused. For that categorize these shoes.

For example, shoe recommendations for attackers who need a high level of accuracy, or special shoes for midfielders with high mobility, etc.

That way buyers can easily choose the products they need and can immediately make decisions.

Give something unique

Joining an affiliate program has its own level of competition, as the same product is also offered and promoted on other sites.

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For that, give an additional bonus so that the affiliate link you have has added value compared to the same product elsewhere.

In addition to giving a discounted price bonus, you can also give several other bonuses such as:

  • Complete product guide
  • Tutorial in video form
  • Tips and tricks for using the product
  • Checklist, dsb

Hiding affiliate links

Wait a minute, didn’t he just say that we have to build trust with visitors. Then what does it mean to hide affiliate links?

Back to the point at the opening earlier, there are still many negative sentiments towards advertising and affiliate links, especially in Indonesia.

When visitors find the link they are going to click on turns out to be an affiliate link, it is not impossible that the trust that was already in their hands is lost.

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By hiding affiliate links , we will eliminate these negative sentiments. After all, there is nothing wrong with that as long as there is no malicious intent, right?

Provide easy access to find your affiliate link

Give a special place for your affiliate link so that readers can easily find it.

You certainly don’t want when readers decide to buy the products you offer, they are confused about where to find the product link.

There are many places that you can use to put affiliate links so that they can be easily reached by readers, starting from the header, sidebar, to inside the content you create.

There is no exact science to this, do A/B split testing to find out where the most frequently converted affiliate links are for your blog.

Another way that you can do is create a special page that contains applications, tools, or plugins that you often use and include an affiliate link on that page.

Just make sure the page is constantly updated so that the recommendations you enter remain relevant.

Feel free to share it with everyone

Never hesitate to share your affiliate link, either through blog posts or social media networks.

Importantly, do not overdo it and let the link link in a natural way.

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Those are the affiliate marketing tips that I can give. When used properly, affiliate programs can bring you a lot of benefits.

Build trust with your readers and don’t just focus on profits.

Use a persuasive way and don’t be too aggressive in marketing a product or you can discourage readers from returning to your site.


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