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Miropa Vintage. Being a freelancer is one way to earn money from the internet. The way is now easier with the following X the best and most trusted online freelance sites.

Earning extra income can now be done anywhere with the help of the internet. If you have certain skills and abilities, you can offer them to other people in need by becoming a freelancer.

Unfortunately, many are hesitant to become freelancers because of the difficulty of getting trustworthy potential clients. Even though there are many ways that we can do to get our first clients, one of them is by looking for them on the best online freelance sites.

As the name implies, a freelance site is a platform that brings together freelancers with potential clients. In general, online freelance sites like this work with an auction system. So service seekers will post jobs and job seekers will give the best offer to get the job.

In addition to making it easier for freelancers to get side jobs that match their skills, the best freelancer sites like Sribulancer or Fiverr can be a place to build your portfolio. The more portfolios you have, the greater your chances of getting other projects of greater value.

So what are the best and most trusted freelance sites that you can try? Check out the list here!

The Best and Most Trusted Online Freelance Site in Indonesia


The first best freelancer site that I recommend is Sribulancer which is one of the best freelance websites in Indonesia.

With 8 main categories and hundreds of sub categories, Sribulancer offers a variety of jobs ranging from website building, content creation, SEO, translation, application development, to video editing. In addition, there are also easy jobs for novice freelancers such as data entry.

Sribulancer itself is made in Indonesia. So you don’t have to worry because the support is done in Indonesian. In addition, the payment system is also enough to use local bank transfers. With all these advantages, don’t be surprised if Sribulancer becomes a lot of references when you are looking for a freelance site for beginners.

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Anyway , now Sribulancer also provides services in English. With this, it is hoped that more English-speaking clients will use the services of this site.

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Another freelance web for beginners that you can try is . One thing that is interesting, this site is made by an experienced former freelancer. So you don’t need to hesitate anymore because they guarantee payment security and reasonable rates for their members.

On this website you can find more jobs including 3d modeling, animation, consulting, and robotics.

One thing that is unique, on this site we can also sell our own products. In general, the goods sold are digital products such as templates, software, logos, scripts, to mobile applications.

Not only that, also provides an affiliate program. Through the referral system, we can help promote jobs on this site in exchange for a commission. It’s great to get additional commissions without having to work alone!


Sribu , or SribuDesign, is a freelance website also created by the founder of Sribulancer. Unlike his ‘brother’, Sribu is more focused on work related to graphic design.

Through Sribu, you can find jobs such as logo design, banners, posters, product packaging, websites, uniforms, merchandise, to home interior designs.

Uniquely, Sribu uses a contest system where the members will submit their work to the project they want. The winner will be chosen by the project owner and entitled to a predetermined prize. Besides that, the winner will also get a bonus from Sribu, it’s fun!


Besides, 99Designs is the best freelance site for graphic designers. Here you can get jobs ranging from creating landing pages, designing websites, illustrations, book covers, to creating image designs for social media.

99Designs also uses a contest system where freelancers must submit their work. The winner will be chosen by the contest owner. Even so, you also have the opportunity to be hired directly by clients if you have a good reputation.

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At 99Designs, freelancers will be divided into 3 categories starting from Low Level, Mid Level, and Top Level. If you manage to reach the Top Level, there will be more contests with great prizes that you can enter. In addition, your chance to be hired directly becomes greater.

Indonesian freelancers

Freelancer is one of the largest freelancer websites in the world. Starting as a startup in Australia, Freelancers have now opened branches in 200+ countries, including Indonesia.

On this site we can find many jobs in various fields and will be very suitable for developers, programmers, illustrators, content creators, to consultants.

Unfortunately, even though there is already an Indonesian version, this site still uses English support. In addition they also only provide a payment system via credit card or Paypal only. One thing that is no less important, Freelance only provides their features for free for the first eight proposals. To be able to participate in the next job bid, you must first upgrade your account for a certain fee.


Just like, Upwork is also an international site that provides many freelance jobs for freelancers from Indonesia. With two decades of experience, upwork is one of the best and most trusted freelance sites that guarantees clients to get quality work while still paying attention to the rights of freelancers.

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Some of Upwork’s features that are friendly to novice freelancers are the escrow system that guarantees funds for a project are available so you can work freely. In addition, there is a fixed price protection feature that will assist clients and freelancers in monitoring work that is calculated on an hourly basis.

If you join Upwork, there are various types of jobs that you can choose according to your skills, ranging from software development , web design, database administration , data mining , academic writing , audio production , public relations , to legal consultation.

Unfortunately for free users, there is a limit on the bidding you can do per month. To increase the bidding limit, you must first pay for the Upwork membership package.

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All 50 thousand

Serba50Ribu is a unique freelance site from Indonesia. As the name implies, here you can offer services at a flat rate, only IDR 50,000!

Since the fee is only 50,000 Rupiah, the jobs that you can find here may only be light jobs such as making vector illustrations, web scraping, planting backlinks, to making documents in PDF format.

Even so, there are also some odd jobs, such as being friends on a trip, being a place to vent, to pretending to be a setting boyfriend


Compared to the best online freelance sites on this list, Fiverr has a slightly different way of working. If on other sites freelancers have to find their own work, on Fiver it is the clients who have to find freelancers to hire.

With a system like this, freelancers don’t have to bother with bidding on every project they are interested in. Just make an interesting description and complete it with a portfolio so that more clients will use your services.

The jobs that you can offer on Fiverr are very diverse, ranging from simple things like programming, translation, or photo editing, to unusual things like helping with math homework, being an online game coach, to imitating famous people’s voices.

To register you will not be charged. However, the fee you get will be partially deducted for Fiverr.


Fastwork is a startup from Thailand that is now starting to spread its wings to Indonesia. One of the advantages of this platform is that there is guaranteed payment to freelancers because clients who want to order jobs must make a deposit first.

Various categories of work that you can take at Fastwork include graphic design, marketing, writing & translation, multimedia, web & programming, and consulting services.

To improve service to their clients, Fastwork will select freelancers strictly. After filling in the data completely, you have to wait for the verification process before you can start working through Fastwork.


Unlike some beginner-friendly web feelance, Toptal focuses more on experienced freelancers with a good portfolio. With a much stricter selection process, Toptal claims the best freelancers from around the world. So don’t be surprised if you can find freelancers with ‘wow’ backgrounds.

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This rigorous selection process is comparable to what freelancers will get on this site. Apart from getting access to great jobs with high contract values, freelancers at Toptal also have the opportunity to work with the biggest brands in the world. Not only that, freelancers registered with Toptal are also entitled to participate in the training and events they hold.


Side is an app-based freelance site that connects you with the various jobs that businesses need to do. The work in the side application is quite simple, such as taking photos of restaurant menus, to finding procurement partners.

Besides looking for a side job, users of the Side application will also get access to the community, training, and support provided every day.

One thing that is quite unique, Sampingan also provides a reseller program for those of you who want to have a side business without having to make your own product. The products that can be chosen are generally snacks such as Nakpia Kukus Tugu Jogja, Ngocor Macaroni, My Daily Banana, or Egyptian Banana

How, there are many of the best and most trusted freelance sites that you can try. Not only those from abroad, now there are many local startups that are no less good.

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As a freelance web recommendation for beginners, I recommend Sribulancer or which are the best freelance sites in Indonesia . In addition to having many clients from within the country, the payment process can also use a local bank account. And if you are proficient in English, it never hurts to register on Fiverr or Upwork.

One thing to remember, although it can be done as a side job, it’s good if you are also serious about carrying out the tasks given. In addition to maintaining reputation, freelancers with good statistics will find it easier to get clients, even outside the platform you are using.


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