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Miropa Vintage. One tagline that makes the FreePay application so popular is “Potential income of IDR 25 million / month WITHOUT ANY CAPITAL!” But is this bombastic claim true? Do you just want to cheat? Then how to get a profit of 25 million per month from FreePay affiliates?

FreePay has officially removed the affiliate system as of May 12, 2018. Instead, there will be a new program, Gratis Pay, Community System, which will be released on July 1, 2018. For more info and information, you can read it directly on the Gratis Pay blog .

In a previous article I made a review of FreePay , an online payment application that you can use to buy e-voucher products and pay bills. With FreePay, you can buy credit, data packages, game vouchers, airline tickets, BPJS, credit card installments, and pay zakat.

FreePay itself is one of the many PPOB applications that are starting to mushroom at this time. Unlike other similar applications, FreePay offers several more benefits such as:

  • Low initial deposit fee starting from IDR 10,000 only.
  • Full service up to 250 different types of services.
  • Automatic payment feature so you don’t miss your monthly installments again.
  • Exciting promos that are carried out every month, etc.

In addition to the several advantages above, GratisPay also offers low prices with cashback for every transaction you make. That way you can get more profit because the price you can sell is guaranteed not to lose to the price at a conventional kiosk or payment counter.

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How much profit can you make using FreePay?

For cashback benefits, I think the FreePay service offers a fairly large profit margin compared to other PPOB services.

However, from my experience, this large profit margin can only be achieved if you upgrade your FreePay account to Premium .

You can get this Premium account by paying IDR 150,000 which is directly deducted from the FreePay balance. This purchase also only needs to be made once in a lifetime.

At first glance, the price seems quite expensive, especially if you are just starting to use the FreePay application. However, with the cashback value almost doubling and the additional affiliate bonus bigger, the cost of a Free-Paid Premium account will look much smaller.

Seeing the benefits that you can get from the FreePay cashback, there are many who use this 100% original Indonesian application. But it seems that this is not the only thing that makes FreePay so popular. Their fantastic affiliate program even promises a potential income of up to 25 million rupiah per month.

Isn’t it more interesting!

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But really, can you use FreePay, you can earn up to 25 million per month?

May be!

Btw, you can see this info on the FreePay homepage with the sentence “Potential income of IDR 25 million / month WITHOUT ANY CAPITAL!”

Even though it’s just a one-sided claim, it’s interesting to see if it’s true that you can earn that much through FreePay?

But before that, let’s see first, where did the 25 million per month come from.

25 Million Per Month Profit Scheme from Free Affiliates

Surely many are curious about this! “How come you can use a cellphone to sell credit, so you can make a big profit?”

Eitts! Who says it? Waiting for a profit of tens of millions per month from selling pulses feels like a dream in broad daylight. Unless you’re a pulse boss, it’s quite impossible.

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So how do you make millions?

One way to quickly profit from FreePay is to join its affiliate program. That way, you can get additional commissions every time someone registers through your affiliate link.

A commission bonus will be given for every downline who upgrades his account and for every transaction made by your downline agent. And the crazy thing is, you can receive commissions up to the 5th level downline!

Btw, product prices and bill payments between upline and downline agents will make no difference! So you can better convince your prospective downline agent that there is nothing to lose by joining FreePay via the affiliate link you have.

Now is the time to look at the scheme so that you can become a millionaire through the FreePay affiliate. But before that, there is one condition that you must fulfill.

Have a Free Premium account. Pay first!!!

Serious! To get the maximum profit, there is no other way but to upgrade your account first. Indeed, the initial capital is quite large – IDR 150,000, but the profits you get will also be much greater if you succeed in doing it.

Ok, now for example you managed to get 7 people downline. To make it easy, assume that all of your downlines have also succeeded in recommending FreePay to seven other people.

With a FreePay Premium account, you will get an average commission of IDR 50 for each bill payment, IDR 100 for purchasing train tickets, and IDR 500 for purchasing airplane tickets. Let’s just say that all your downline agents manage to make two transactions per month for these three types of services. That way, we can make profit projections like the following:

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Free Bill Payment Transactions

Level-1 7 2 IDR 50 IDR 700
Level-2 49 2 IDR 50 IDR 4,900
Level-3 343 2 IDR 50 IDR 34,300
Level-4 2,401 2 IDR 50 Rp 240,100
Level-5 16,807 2 IDR 50 IDR 1,680,000
TOTAL IDR 1,960,700

Train Ticket Payment Transaction

Level-1 7 2 IDR 100 IDR 1,400
Level-2 49 2 IDR 100 IDR 9,800
Level-3 343 2 IDR 100 IDR 68,600
Level-4 2,401 2 IDR 100 Rp 480,200
Level-5 16,807 2 IDR 100 IDR 3,361,400
TOTAL IDR 3,921,400

Airline Ticket Payment Transactions

Level-1 7 2 IDR 500 IDR 7,000
Level-2 49 2 IDR 500 IDR 49,000
Level-3 343 2 IDR 500 Rp 343,000
Level-4 2,401 2 IDR 500 IDR 2,401,000
Level-5 16,807 2 IDR 500 Rp 16,807,000
TOTAL Rp 19,607,000

If you succeed in achieving this target, you will get a total commission of

IDR 1,960,700 + IDR 3,921,400 + IDR 19,607,000 = IDR 25,489,100

How, tempting is not it!

But what scheme above can you achieve? That is a challenge for you!

More Realistic Free-to-Pay Affiliate Profit Scheme

Looking at the profit scheme above, maybe some of you are already pessimistic.

“How do you get downlines who often buy plane or train tickets?”

Calm! You’re not the only one questioning this FreePay affiliate commission scheme!

At first glance the target of two transactions per month is indeed small, but looking for a downline agent who can be active and buy regularly is another matter.

It’s not that I discouraged you from making a profit from FreePay! I believe those of you who are reading this definitely have a strong passion to earn a decent additional income.

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For myself, the profit scheme of the more realistic FreePay affiliate program can be described as follows.

Free Bill Payment Transactions (Realistic Target)

Level-1 5 15 IDR 50 IDR 3,750
Level-2 25 15 IDR 50 IDR 18,750
Level-3 125 15 IDR 50 IDR 93,750
Level-4 625 15 IDR 50 IDR 468,750
Level-5 3125 15 IDR 50 Rp 2,343,750
TOTAL Rp 2,928,750

The data for the profit projection above I take from the average transaction that I do for personal use every month. The target of five active downlines also doesn’t feel like something heavy. So by taking it lightly, we can get almost 3 million in profit every month if all our downline agents can perform well.

Even though the nominal is quite small, it’s still not bad!


So what’s the conclusion, is it true that we can get commissions of up to 25 million per month from FreePay affiliates?

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I myself think there is a possibility for that but you have to try hard to pursue that target. I myself have seen a FreePay affiliate marketer who has managed to earn millions of rupiah from this affiliate program.

But if you want to be realistic, commissions of up to tens of millions of rupiah may only be a handful of people who are successful. If you want to follow in their footsteps, you have to try hard and have your own FreePay promotion strategy in attracting other people to join FreePay.

As a first step, why not create a FreePay account first or just download the application via the link below.


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