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Miropa Vintage. Who doesn’t want to upload receipts to get money, cashback, or vouchers? So, upload your shopping receipt in this application first!

For most people, shopping receipts are not items that have important value. Although there are also buyers who use receipts to record household expenses, most of us will probably throw away the receipt immediately after receiving it from the cashier’s hand.

In fact, now receipts are not only useful for seeing the price of goods per item, but can be cashed back. Simply upload the receipt, we can get attractive cashback in the form of money, vouchers, or free GoPay balance .

If you are interested in using it, let’s take a look at the following application for uploading receipts to earn money!

Upload Receipts Get Money and Cashback!


Pomona is an app that allows you to make money from shopping receipts. With this application, our shopping receipts can be converted into money that can be withdrawn via Gopay.

The amount of cashback you get will depend on the total amount spent per receipt. For example, if you shop below IDR 50,000 you can get a cashback of IDR 500, while shopping above IDR 150,000 can get a cashback of IDR 1,000. And you can get extra cashback up to 80% of the product price if the receipt contains sponsored products.

For more complete information, you can see Pomona’s review from


  • Easy to use and can be accessed via smartphone and website
  • The receipt verification process is fast and the minimum withdrawal is only IDR 11,000
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  • There is a limit on uploading receipts per nominal shopping


Rallypoint is an application that can make money from shopping receipts. Not only by uploading receipts, you can also get points from parking tickets, restaurant receipts, or receipts from transportation fleets. Besides that, you can also get extra points by sharing apps and promo codes with your friends.

The accumulated points can later be exchanged for various rewards in the form of discounts, vouchers, or gift vouchers.


  • Have many ways to earn points


  • Poins cannot be exchanged for cash

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Shooper is a community-based application where each user can share price information from shopping receipts so that other users can find out which store has the lowest price.

Every time we upload receipts and share price information, there will be reward points that can be exchanged for attractive prize draws, or directly exchanged for products from Shooper.

One thing that is interesting about Shooper, the receipts that can be uploaded are not only receipts from minimerkets and supermarkets, but receipts from pharmacies and various physical stores that have the full name and address of the store.

Every shopping receipt that meets the requirements of Shooper will get 500 points. This does not include an additional 10 points for each product in the receipt. So the more products you buy, the more points you can collect.


  • Help us find the shop with the cheapest price
  • Doubles as an app for recording expenses
  • Receive receipts from various physical stores
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  • Currently only available in the Jakarta and South Tangerang areas


shopping can get cashback with the Cashbac application

Unlike the other apps on this list, Cashbac is not an application for uploading receipts to earn money. Both offer cashback, this application will give you a reward every time you make a payment with this application.

To use it, you simply connect Cashbac with a debit card, credit card, or e-money service such as Gopay. After that you can see promos from merchants affiliated with Cashbac. If you make a payment with Casbac, then you will get an immediate reward that can be used in the next transaction.

In addition to using Cashback as a transaction tool, Cashbac will also provide special rewards if you connect a credit card from a partner bank, use a Cashbac voucher code, or share a Cashbac referral code with your friends.


  • Instant cashback
  • Connected with many merchants ranging from minimarkets, cafes, restaurants, department stores, etc


  • Not accepting shopping receipt uploads

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The last app where you can upload receipts and earn money is SnapCart. In this application, you can upload receipts to collect Coins. The more you shop, the more coins you get. Every day you can upload up to 10 receipts per day.

These coins you can later use to play Snaptastic or Spin games. If you are lucky, there are many attractive prizes that you can get through the raffle.

To get more Coins, you can also do some missions besides uploading receipts. Missions that you can run include filling out surveys, watching videos, or taking photos.

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  • Big receipt upload limit


  • Rewards must be drawn in the game
  • The registration process requires a photo ID


Who would have thought there was an easy way to get money from cellphones. We only need to upload shopping receipts, we can get points that can be exchanged for cashback in the form of money or vouchers.

So, after shopping, don’t forget to use the application for uploading receipts to get money above!


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