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Miropa Vintage. During this time the game is only considered as entertainment and interesting activities to fill free time only. Not infrequently, there is even a negative stigma if playing games only spends time and money.

In fact, now gaming is no longer played as entertainment only. With a very large number of enthusiasts, gaming can now be played to bring in money.

Can’t believe it? Take a look at the income of DoTA 2 heroes who managed to collect millions of dollars in prizes. From Indonesia there are several names such as Miawaug or Jess no Limits which are estimated to earn tens of thousands of dollars every month from Adsense with Youtube containing gaming content.

Regardless of the way it is monetized, the gaming niche still feels very savory to try. If you are also interested in participating, here are some ways to earn money from playing games that can be an inspiration.

Selling Accounts and Items

Selling accounts and items in the game is the first way you can make money from playing the game.

With the growing popularity of some games, many new players do not want to bother starting the game from the lowest level. So it’s no wonder that many of them prefer to buy an account so that the level is already quite high. With this opportunity, there are quite a number of people who end up raising accounts of popular games for resale.

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Even so, there is one important thing you should know before selling a gaming account like this. Buying and selling this kind of account is actually labeled illegal by most game developers, so you must understand the rules first before you start selling accounts.

If you do not want to bother buying and selling an account, you can also earn money from the game by selling items needed in a game.

For example, in games with rpg genres there are often items that are quite difficult to come by. If you manage to get it, there is a high price that is willing to be paid by other players in the game.

Not only rare items, you can even exchange ordinary items such as resources needed in AOV games in exchange for money.

Become a Game Jockey

If you have qualified skills in a game, then becoming a game jockey can be one way to earn money from games that you can try.

Just like buying and selling game accounts, there are many people who do not want to be tired to develop the game character they want, faming items, or just add to their hero experience. So to make things easier, they prefer to hire the services of game jockeys.

Become a YouTuber with Gaming Content

Being a YouTuber is one way to earn money from the internet. And if you have skills and passion in gaming, you can create a Youtube channel in that niche. When it is qualified, your Youtube channel can be metamonted in various ways ranging from Adsense, affiliate links, to selling merchandise.

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To create gaming content on Youtube itself does not need to have reliable gaming skills. There are several gaming content scenarios that you can create such as,

  • Tutorial

  • Walkthrough

  • Latest game review

  • News about the gaming world

  • Create dubbing videos, etc.

So that your income can be more optimal, make sure you fill youtube content with popular games such as PUBG, Free Fire, Overwatch, League of Legends, or Mobile Legends.

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Live Streaming While Playing Games

Doing live streaming while playing games may be a way that is still less popular. But in this way you can also earn money just by playing games.

Abroad itself this is quite often done. The platform that is quite widely used is Twitch, although there are also those who use Youtube. If we use Twitch, we can earn money by live streaming games with several scenarios.

First, Twitch users can earn money from subscribers . Subscribers themselves are people who pay a monthly fee to subscribe to our account. Although the fee will be cut by 50% by Twitch, this method can bring in relatively stable income if we have thousands or tens of thousands of subscribers.

Second, Twitch users can also make money from donations . Unlike the previous method, 100% of the donation money will go to the streamer’s pocket.

Third, Twitch users can make money from Twitch Bits . Bits themselves are tokens that can be purchased with real money. Bits are usually given to streamers as a token of appreciation when they live stream. Once collected, these bits can later be cashed back by the streamers.

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In addition to the three methods above, there are other monetization methods with Twitch-affiliated ad networks. But even without ads, it feels like your income will be quite optimal, especially if you already have thousands of subscribers.

Become a Professional Gamer

In the past, we might not have imagined if gamers could become a profession. In fact, gamers can now be equated with athletes who can compete in official matches. Not only at the regional level, now there are many tournaments on an international scale, even appearing in multi-event sporting events such as SEA GAMES.

With the increasing popularity of gaming/mobile gaming, now there are many competitions or tournaments that can be participated by professional gamers. This has stimulated the emergence of many e-sports teams in Indonesia. Moreover, the prizes that can be obtained from this kind of competition are no joke. For example, the prize for MPL Season 4 in 2019 yesterday reached IDR 4 billion. And for the international level, tournaments like “The International” or “League of Legends World Championship” even provide prizes of up to millions of dollars for the winners.

Even so, it is not easy to be able to compete at the top level because there are so many competitors with extraordinary good skills. But if you are successful at this level, the income obtained is very promising. In addition to monthly money from the club, prominent players can also get sponsors or endorsements from certain parties.

Try Game with Prizes

Another way that you can do to earn money from playing games is to try games with prizes. Although the numbers are not too many, there are games that provide direct prizes just by playing them.

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One example of a game like this is the Mobile Premier League (MPL). In this game, we can play games and compete with other users from all over Indonesia. If we manage to achieve a good rank, there will be a diamond prize which can later be disbursed via Gopay. Not bad, just playing games can get Gopay balance for free !

The games in MPL itself are simple games that we may have often played. For example, in MPL there are games like Chess, Fruit Chop, Zuma, or Runner No.1. With light games like this, anyone can play and compete for prizes.

Game Tester

The last way you can make money from games is to become a game tester. This job is still very rare in Indonesia, but you can look for this kind of job on several English-language freelance sites .

By becoming a game tester, we will be assigned to test games that are being developed or games that will be released in the near future. Even though it looks pretty easy, a good game tester should be able to find loopholes, bugs, or glitches in a game. So in addition to playing the game normally, the game tester also has to play the game over and over again with different ways of playing.

The more defects you can find, the better your reputation as a game tester will be.

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