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Miropa Vintage. Want to get a content placement offer but don’t know where to look? Then you should try this best content placement service provider site first!

Currently there are many ways to make money from blogs that we have. Apart from Adsense or affiliate marketing, we can make blogs into a money field by accepting content placement cooperation offers, aka paid posts.

Compared to the previous two methods, content placement has several advantages, for example.

  • Blogs that can be used do not have complicated requirements
  • The money from the content placement can be enjoyed immediately
  • The results obtained can be quite large compared to Adsense (especially for blogs with small traffic)

What is Content Placement?

For those who don’t know, content placement is a form of collaboration where we only need to post articles that have been provided by advertisers with certain rewards.

Slightly similar to content placement, there is also collaboration with blog reviews (paid reviews) and buying backlinks. The difference is, on the job blog review we have to make the article itself. The rate can also be doubled where you can get a commission from content placement and content creation.

While buying backlinks is usually not much different from content placement in general. But in some cases there are also those who buy backlinks from one of the articles that you have posted.

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Then How to Find Content Placement Jobs?

In many cases, as I experience with all my blogs, the offer for a content placement partnership will usually come on its own. But to be like that, it seems there are several things that a blog must have, such as:

  • A blog with a TLD domain whether it’s .com, .net, or .id.
  • Authority in a certain niche. For example, you often review certain gadgets and have articles that rank high on that topic.
  • High DA/PA (Moz) value. Some advertisers also look at other values ​​such as Domain rating (Ahrefs) or Alexa ranking.
  • Blogs with a low spam score .
  • Have a lot of daily visitors.
  • Active on social media.
  • Active in blogger groups/communities.
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In essence, a well-maintained blog is most likely to get a content placement offer.

Apart from looking for it ourselves, we can also look for CP cooperation through content placement service provider sites.

Through this site, we only need to register our blog. Once accepted, we can participate in the available bidding campaigns/project content placements. If successful, then you just follow the instructions and wait for the payment.

Then what are the sites that provide content placement vacancies? Check out the list below!

The Best Content Placement Service Provider Site in Indonesia

Sosiago id

The first content placement service provider site that you can try is Sosiago id .

Sosiago itself was previously called iBlogMarket and is known to often work with influencers. In 2018, the brand changed its name to Sosiago as we know it today.

To try Sosiago influencer marketing, you don’t need any special requirements. In addition to blogs, you can also register social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. After registering, you only need to verify to show that you are the owner of the registered account.

For the job posting itself, including routine. Each campaign has its own brief that you can read first. If you meet the requirements, you can join the campaign. If your blog is selected, you only need to follow the next instructions.

For the payment itself is done automatically every month. In addition, there is no minimum withdrawal limit so even if you get 1 job, you will immediately receive the results.

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Vira id

Vira id has a concept that is not much different from Sosiago. Here you can register one or several blogs at once so that you can join the campaign on this site.

But unlike Sosiago, here you have to go through a review process first. Some of the conditions that your blog must meet include:

  • At least 3 months old and already indexed by Google.
  • The blog is free from plagiarism, AGC, duplicate content, or spinned articles.
  • Neat blog appearance, etc.

If your blog has been accepted on, there are two ways to get a content placement cooperation offer on First, you can join the campaign on Second, you can be appointed directly by advertisers.

BPNetwork co id

The next site is bpnetwork co id which was formed by the Women Blogger community in 2015. On this site we can find many campaigns such as sponsored reviews, social media campaigns, backlink placements, to blog competitions.

As the name implies, the jobs here are more focused on women. Even so, men can still register and get jobs on this site.

BlogPartner id

Blogpartner id is a platform to connect bloggers throughout Indonesia with the buying and selling site Unlike other content placement vacancies, here we cannot see the available campaigns and can only wait until we get a job from

To start joining, we only need to register through the site. After filling in the blog name, category, and the amount of monthly traffic, we just need to wait for the review process.

After completing work from this site, you will not get a reward in the form of money, but a shopping voucher from Even so, the value of this voucher is greater than the money you can get on many other content placement service sites.

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Eleve id

Eleve id is a startup originating from India and has been around since 2012 and started to enter Indonesia in 2017. On this platform, we can become influencers by connecting social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram) and blogs.

Just like blogpartner id, the work on this site is closed. That way you can’t see the running campaign and just have to wait for Eleve to contact you.

One interesting thing, here you can only add one blog for each account. Besides that, you can also get prizes by inviting other influencers to join

RajaBacklink com

RajaBacklink is a backlink marketplace that claims to be the first in Indonesia. Not just any blog can join this website because you have to go through a selection process first. In general, RajaBacklink only accepts blogs with the following criteria:

  • Have a good reputation seen from the content of quality content
  • Have a neat and user friendly website appearance
  • Has Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa and Google Site values
  • Have a variety of relevant niches/categories to review/promote various products
  • Blog never get penalized from Google and never use Blackhat optimization

If you are accepted, the backlink rate will be determined by RajaBacklink. Even so, we will only receive 70% of the income, 30% will belong to RajaBacklink as the owner of the platform.

JawaLink com

Jawalink is a backlink marketplace that aims to help advertisers find quality backlinks to optimize websites to compete and increase the number of visitors.

One interesting thing, when registering you have to fill in the domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and Alexa global ranking values. This parameter will later be used to determine the rate of your blog.

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In addition there is a point system that can be collected by accepting writing challenges for Jawalink. These points can later be used to promote blogs, add badges, and change the estimated price so that they can compete with other blogs.

Backlink id

Just like the two previous websites, backlink id also carries the same concept as a backlink marketplace. Tariffs are also determined by looking at the value of DA, PA, and Alexa ranking.

Projects co id

Projects co id is one of the best freelancer sites in Indonesia that offers a variety of jobs ranging from 3d modeling, website creation, programming, video editing, graphic design, to providing content placement.

Although the number is not too much, this site can be an alternative for those of you who want to find their own content placement services. While waiting for the job to come, you may also be able to earn additional income by becoming a writer or translator on this site.

How, there are many sites that provide the best content placement services in Indonesia that you can try?

If you have difficulty making money through Adsense and affiliate marketing, then becoming an influencer through these sites can be an alternative income. If you take it seriously, the money you can earn can reach millions of rupiah per month.

In order to maximize your income, you can register several blogs at once. And it’s good if all these blogs have different niches so you can take all the jobs provided.

One other important thing, don’t forget to regularly fill your blog with regular posts. Don’t let it just be a paid post. If your blog’s spam score goes up, you’ll have a hard time marketing your blog yourself to get a content placement offer, you know!

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