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Miropa Vintage. Not only used for personal purposes, Instagram is now quite widely used for profit. If you want to join in too, let’s take a look at the various ways to earn money from Instagram below!

Based on data from survey , the number of Instagram users in Indonesia is more than 60 million. This makes Indonesia ranked fourth and only lost to the United States, India, and Brazil alone.

With a percentage of around 22.6%, it means that almost a quarter of Indonesia’s population has an Instagram account. Seeing this number, Instagram is a potential market for anyone who wants to make a profit.

In fact, Instagram is now not only used for personal purposes only. In addition to being a promotional medium for well-known brands, Instagram is also often a stall for online merchants.

But not only selling, now there are many ways to make money from Instagram. The capital is not heavy, you only need to have a smartphone and internet quota.

How to Make Money from Instagram For Beginners

Selling Products

Selling products seems to be the most common way to earn money from Instagram. In addition, this method may be the fastest way and you can immediately feel the results.

The products that you can sell through Instagram are very diverse. Starting from fashion products, cosmetics, medicines, jewelry, to digital products. In addition, you can also sell services through Instagram.

Even though there are now many popular online marketplaces such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, or Shopee, there are still many potential buyers who prefer to browse items on Instagram. Transactions are even carried out directly even though there is no escrow feature that guarantees the security of transactions for both parties.

With this kind of potential, Instagram is a platform that you should consider when you start selling online.

So what if we don’t have a product?

There are many solutions if you want to sell but don’t have your own product. As a first step, you can join in selling other people’s products.

The easiest way is to observe potential producers around your area. If they haven’t marketed their wares online, you can help them promote these items through Instagram.

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If you want an even easier way, you can also join to become a reseller or dropshipper .

Even though they both sell other people’s products, the two have quite a striking difference. If in dropship you don’t need to buy the product and stock it yourself, resellers will generally buy the product first before reselling it.

When you are proficient at being a reseller/dropshipper, you can level up and produce your own goods and promote them on your Instagram account.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to earn money from Instagram is to become an affiliate marketer.

Affiliater marketing itself is a sales system where we can get a commission for every transaction made through our affiliate link. So our job is just to promote and convince others to buy through us.

Just like dropshipping or resellers, we don’t need to have a product first. The difference is that the negotiation, transaction, and support processes will be directly handled by the product owner. In addition, the commission that you get is fixed and cannot be marked up.

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Apart from selling, endorsements are also the most popular way to make money on Instagram. By becoming an endorser, the owner of an Instagram account only needs to promote a product or service to their followers.

The rewards that can be obtained vary depending on the agreement with the product owner. Some are in the form of endorsed goods, or a combination of products with a certain amount of money. The amount of money earned varies depending on the number of followers or the level of interaction.

Although it looks tempting, be careful in choosing the product to be endorsed. However, endorsing a product is equivalent to suggesting followers to try the product. So before accepting an endorsement offer, first find out the ins and outs of the product. It would be great if we could try the product first.

Receive Paid Promote Services

How to get money from Instagram other than endorse that you can try is paid promote . As the name implies, paid promote is content that is promoted through our Instagram account for a certain fee.

Although now the trend is slightly decreasing, this method is still quite widely enjoyed. Not only by product owners, but also for those who want to increase the number of followers organically.

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Become A Buzzer/Influencer/Media Partner

Almost similar to the previous two points, you can use Instagram as a money field by becoming a buzzer, influencer, or media partner.

In this way, the owner of the Instagram account will be asked to promote a particular topic that the advertiser is trying to bring up. The goal? in order to get wider exposure and be discussed by many people.

Unlike endorsements and paid promotions which have a short time, the job of being a buzzer is usually in the form of a campaign that has a long duration. At least until the issues raised become popular or when certain events related to the topics raised have been completed.

Even so, it is not easy to become an influencer. In addition to having an account with a lot of followers, advertisers will also see the level of your interaction with readers. You also have to rack your brain so that the campaign you do can reach the target.

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Selling Services Related To Instagram

The more people who want to take advantage of Instagram, the job opportunities around social media are also great.

For example, not everyone understands how to create or use an Instagram account. In addition, maybe not everyone has the time to manage their own Instagram account and interact with their followers.

With this opportunity, you can offer services around Instagram such as:

  • Become an admin
  • Content management services
  • Instagram caption writing service
  • Instagram feed and story design services
  • Photo and video editing services for Instagram
  • Services to increase followers

Selling Photos/Images/Illustration

As a social media that focuses on visual appearance, Instagram is the perfect platform for those of you who want to display your work in the form of photos, images, or digital illustrations. By utilizing certain hashtags, your work can even be noticed by other people who are interested.

But before uploading a photo or image to Instagram, it’s a good idea to give it a watermark first so that your work can’t be easily stolen by others. Also provide purchase information to potential buyers in the caption, profile, or Instagram bio profile link.

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Quiz Hunt

Among all the ways above, quiz hunting is the easiest way. By taking quizzes, you can earn money from Instagram with few followers.

The quiz itself is pretty much scattered on Instagram. Starting from small giveaways, to quizzes with fantastic prizes held by certain brands or companies.

It’s easy to join too. Usually you only need to answer short questions, repost and mention your friends. But in quizzes with big prizes, you also have to accept certain challenges such as making creative videos.

Open a Custodian Service (Jastip)

For those of you who like traveling, sightseeing, or shopping, opening a courier service business on Instagram can be an alternative. Not bad, while traveling you can also earn extra money.

To open a courier service business, you can start by posting interesting items that you encounter when you travel. Don’t forget to include photos and interesting captions so people are interested.

Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts

Although creating an Instagram account is easy, not everyone is willing to work hard from scratch to start experiencing the benefits of Instagram. Especially if we want to use an Instagram account for business, we definitely want a lot of followers right?

Seeing this kind of opportunity, now many people are selling their existing Instagram accounts to those who are interested. The price they get is quite large depending on the number of followers they have managed to collect. So don’t be surprised if there are people who start raising accounts and selling lots of Instagram accounts to make a profit.

So if you have an Instagram account that has quite a number of followers, just create other accounts. To increase the number of followers, you can promote it through your main account or hold a giveaway on the condition that you follow the account.

(Bonus) Become a Celebrity

Becoming a celebgram can be another thing you should consider if you want to earn money from Instagram. By becoming a celebgram, it will be easier for you to get endorsements, get paid promote, or become an influencer.

To be a celebgram, you don’t have to have an above average appearance because everyone has their own interesting points. So that you can get lots of Instagram followers , you can do unique and funny things and follow the trending challenges that are going viral.

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Things to Pay Attention to When Learning How to Make Money from Instagram!

How, there are many ways to earn money from Instagram that you can try.?

If you want fast and sizable results, you can start by using Instagram to sell online. Even though there are now many online stores, many still use Instagram as a promotional medium. It’s so effective, the promotions you do can reach overseas depending on the hashtags you use. Don’t worry about bothering with payment problems because now there is Paypal.

And if you are more interested in receiving endorsements or paid promotions, you should start developing your Instagram account from now on. Some of the ways you can do as a first step include:

  • Fill Instagram bio with short information – Insert contact information and anything you post on Instagram. Also add keywords or hashtags so that you can be found more easily by people with the same interests.
  • Post regularly – One way to increase followers is to regularly update Instagram content. No need to post several times every day, you can start being consistent by posting photos every 1-2 days.
  • Take quality photos – If you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to be willing to take the time to learn how to take good photos, even if you only have a cellphone. If you have sufficient capital, you can upgrade your photo equipment or hire a professional photographer.
  • Use relevant hashtags – Honestly, the photos you upload on Instagram may not be known to many people without the hashtags. With hashtags, other people who are not your followers can easily find the content they are looking for. If you are still not familiar with hashtags, try to copy the famous Instagram accounts that you follow.
  • Make time to interact – Don’t wait for someone else to come and say hello, especially when you’re new to Instagram. Try interacting with followers and other people who share the same interests. Besides leaving comments, you can also like other people’s posts, there’s nothing to lose, right?

Btw, to get your own job without having to wait for offers from other people, you can also join a content placement service provider site like Sosiago which also provides jobs for influencers.

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