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Miropa Vintage. Currently there are quite a lot of local safelinks that pay a lot for traffic from Indonesia. If you need a recommendation, check out our review of Adsafelink – a highly paid local URL shortener – below.

Using safelink is one way to earn money through blogs that we have. With safelink, we can turn ordinary links into links that make money.

The method is quite easy because we only need to create a short link. For every unique click that we get, we will get a certain amount of commission.

The use of this kind of safelink is dominantly found on download sites such as mp3 blogs, movies, software, or Android applications. No wonder because this kind of blog is easy to use to generate clicks from visitors.

To make a safelink, we can actually make it ourselves. But unfortunately you have to be registered first in advertising services such as Google Adsense.

One way to deal with this is to use a ready-made service. So just register, you can immediately create your own short links and make money.

Unfortunately, among the many existing URL shortener services, quite a lot of them end in fraud (SCAM). So don’t just be tempted by a high CPM value, we also have to be more observant in looking at testimonials and proof of payment.

If you need a recommendation, one of the high paying local URL shorteners for Indonesian traffic is Adsafelink.

What is Adsafelink?

Adsafelink is a URL shortening service owned by Hitsadsmedia. If you’ve ever heard of this name, you’ll probably remember Safelinku which is also owned by Hitsadsmedia.

The payout rates themselves are almost the same, the difference is that Adsafelink is only for users from Indonesia. We can see this from the following points:

  • Payout rates are written in Rupiah, not in Dollars which is usually found in other URL Shorteners.
  • Payment methods that can be used are only local payment systems such as Bank Transfer, Cellular Credit, OVO, and GOPAY, without the Paypal option.
  • The entire menu is in Indonesian
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Payout Rates Adsafelink

Although devoted to local users, Adsafelink also receives traffic from various other countries. So Adsafelink can’t only be used for those of you who are after local traffic!

For the payout rates, I think they are quite competitive, although not the biggest compared to similar services. To see a more complete list of Adsafelink payout rates, please see the following table.

Country CPM
Germany Rp125.000
Qatar Rp120.000
Kuwait Rp120.000
United States Rp115.000
Netherlands Rp115.000
United Kingdom Rp110.000
Canada Rp102.000
Switzerland Rp102.000
Sweden Rp87.000
Spain Rp87.000
Indonesia Rp82.000
Oman Rp78.000
France Rp78.000
United Arab Emirates Rp75,000
New Zealand Rp72.000
Lebanon Rp72.000
Saudi Arabia Rp72.000
Norway Rp72.000
Sudan Rp72.000
Australia Rp70.500
Bahrain Rp63.000
Italy Rp63.000
Egypt Rp63.000
India Rp57.000
Morocco Rp57.000
Malaysia Rp54.000
Japan Rp48.000
Singapore Rp42.000
Vietnam Rp31.500
Worldwide Rp30.000

How Adsafelink Works

When a visitor clicks on a link from Adsafelink, they must first go through the reCaptcha. In Adsafelink, you can turn off the reCaptcha feature if you find it disturbing the convenience of the end user. The condition is that you must have made two withdrawals first.

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Done with reCaptcha, visitors will go to the safelink converter page and have to wait for 5 seconds before they get the link they are looking for. As additional information, Adsafelink uses the double-click feature on the shortlinks they create.

To make the process clearer, you can click the DEMO button below.

Other advantages of Adsafelink

Apart from having high payout rates and a complete local payment system, there are other advantages that you can consider before choosing Adsafelink.

  1. Not a player yesterday afternoon. Currently the safelink building business is booming, but it’s quite rare to see a URL shortening service that can last long enough. Adsafelink itself is new. However, its sibling, SafelinkU, is an old player in the field of creating shortlinks.
  2. Low withdrawal limits. If you use the withdrawal method with OVO, Pulsa, or Gopay, you only need a minimum balance of IDR 27,000 to get the first WD.
  3. High referral commission. If many other local URL shorteners offer a referral commission of 5-10%, Adsafelink dares to give you a commission of up to 15%!
  4. Set your own safelink converter display. Unlike other URL shortening services, in Adsafelink you can set the appearance of the safelink coverter page you are using. Modifications that you can do include choosing a theme color, changing the text on the button, and disabling reCaptcha.
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Isn’t it legit? Really Paid?

As for whether it’s legit or not, let me just give you proof of the transfer!

So far I’ve only made two withdrawals. From WD’s experience, withdrawals can be made at any time. The payment process from ‘waiting for process’, ‘approved’, until finally the status ‘completed’ is quite fast. Adsafelink itself gives a time limit of 2-7 working days, and Alhamdulillah I got the fastest time.

Adsafelink payment proof May 2019

Adsafelink payment proof June 2019

How To Make Money From Adsafelink Shortlinks

To get money from Adsafelink is very easy. Just sign up, create a short link and share it. Remember! The more clicks, the more income you get.

Not only that, you can also get additional commissions through referral bonuses. Just recommend Adsafelink to friends or other people, you can earn commissions without the need to create your own short links.

  1. How to register Adsafelink

Registering on Adsafelink is very easy. Just go to the site and click the REGISTER or JOIN NOW button on their homepage.

After that, fill in the existing forms such as username, email, password, and don’t forget to tick reCaptcha and agree on the TOS and Adsafelink Privacy Policy.

Done, you can login with the account you created.

  1. How to create a short link with Adsafelink

Just like SafelinkU, Adsafelink also provides tools on the dashboard so that we can create short links quickly without having to copy the code first. That way we only need to enter the link to be shortened into the available field.

How to make a short link with Adsafelink

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Apart from these tools, there are three other ways to use Adsafelink safelink.

Quick Link

With the quick link tool , we will get a link template that can be used to create safelinks like the following example:

Just copy the link in the browser’s address bar and replace the word ‘your link’ with the link you want to shorten. For example, if I wanted to shorten the link to this article, the link above would be something like this:

Mass Shrinker

Mass shrinker is a great way if you want to create a lot of shortlinks. With this tool, you can create up to 20 short links at once.

Full-Page Script

Full-Page Script is a tool that you can use to convert all the links on your website into shortlinks.

This tool provides two scripts where you can change all links except certain links (exclude) , or only change links from certain domains (include) .

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For example, if I just want to change all Google Drive, Mediafire, and other online storage links on this website, I can use the following script.

<!– Full Page Script include–>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var go_url = ‘’;
var api = ’38b125a7ec4da81a652f2aea2cfcf8e2a30251da’;
var shorten_include = [‘’, ‘’, ‘’];
<script src=’’></script>
<!– Full Page Script include–>

How to withdraw funds from Adsafelink

The process of withdrawing funds from Adsafelink can be done in various ways, ranging from bank transfers, OVO, Gopay, or cellular credit. To see the minimum amount of balance you need to make a withdrawal, please see the following table.

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Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal
Bank Transfer Rp50.000
Pulse / Gopay / OVO Rp25,000 Rp27.000
Pulse / Gopay / OVO Rp50,000 Rp52.000
Pulse / Gopay / OVO Rp100,000 Rp102.000
Pulse / Gopay / OVO Rp150,000 Rp152.000
Pulse / Gopay / OVO Rp200,000 Rp202.000

To withdraw funds, first log in to the Adsafelink dashboard then select the SETTINGS » PAYMENT menu. After that, choose the withdrawal method you want then fill in the Withdrawal Info form with the required data such as phone number (for OVO, Gopay, and Credit) or account number (for Bank Transfer).

Choose your preferred payment method to withdraw funds from Adsafelink

If so, go to the WITHDRAWAL menu and select the amount of funds you want to withdraw and then click the REQUEST WITHDRAWAL button. The withdrawal process will take between 2-7 days, so just be patient and wait!


If you have a blog with a high click rate, using blogger safelink is one of the easy and fast ways to make money.

One URL shortener that you can use is Adsafelink . Apart from having high payout rates for Indonesian traffic, Adsafelink also has a small minimum withdrawal amount, as well as a variety of local withdrawal methods.

If you need other recommendations, don’t forget to check the list of safelinks with the highest paying for Indonesian traffic on this blog.


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