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Miropa Vintage. Freelance is one way to earn extra income with the skills you have. To start selling your services, here are some of the best freelance sites in Indonesia that you can trust.

Who doesn’t want to earn extra income?

At a time when household needs are increasing, we must be smart in managing finances. In addition to monitoring expenses, we can also make a positive home balance sheet by getting additional income. One way is to work on a freelance basis.

Unlike other public jobs where we spend time at work, freelancers can freely choose the time of work, their place of work, to the type of work they want to take. The flexibility of freelancers is what makes this type of work often used as a side job.

But just like a regular job, freelancers must also have clients in order to start working. You can do this by networking, offering your services in certain groups/communities, to creating a portfolio blog. One other way that is quite easy is to register yourself on a special freelancer site.

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What are the Advantages of Freelance Service Provider Sites?

What’s the best place to find this kind of work besides freelance service provider sites?

On this site there are many clients with various jobs that you can pursue according to the skills and nominal you want. Although the average bidding system  (which means you have to offer the best proposal to be accepted),  this method is still better than finding your own clients.

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In addition, another advantage of this kind of site is the escrow service which ensures that freelancers and service tenants are equally protected. So there is no story of your money not being paid by the client.

Freelance Job Opportunities

Not only for you, freelance also provides its own benefits for their service tenants.

For example, hiring a freelancer may be much cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. This can reduce company expenses to pay for insurance, taxes, overtime, and bonuses for these employees.

In addition, hiring freelance services is one solution to hire people who understand more about work in certain fields without having to be tied down in the long term. Freelance is also a solution if a company has a job rate that suddenly rises.

With the following facts, don’t worry that you will be short of work as a freelancer because the demand for it, I think, is still quite high.

The Best and Most Trusted Freelance Site in Indonesia

Although a lot of sites like this come from abroad, there are also sites that provide freelance services that come from Indonesia or make local versions in Indonesia.

The advantages are of course the competitors, which are relatively smaller in number and the payment system that involves local banks.

For those of you who are interested in getting additional income with freelance, try the following sites.


Sribulancer is one of the best and most popular freelance sites in Indonesia. With 8 main categories and 138 special categories, you can do many things from creating websites, applications, video design, animation, administration, marketing, business consulting, to writing articles.

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Interestingly, Sribulancer lists big names such as Gojek, Traveloka, LINE, and Trakindo as clients who have used Sribulancer services. In addition, SribuLancer is 100% authentic locally made, so all assistance services to the payment system can be used easily.

Website : sribulancer com


Before creating Sribulancer, Sribu was Ryan Gondokusumo’s first startup. However, unlike Sribulancer, Sribu is made specifically for graphic design. In total, there are currently 21 design categories that you can work on, ranging from logo designs, business cards, labels, flyers, interiors, website banners, to mobile application designs.

The system itself is quite unique because all projects in Sribu use a contest system. This is based on the experience of its founder who was able to collect hundreds of designs in an instant with the contest system.

So if there is a project that you are interested in, send your best design according to the client’s criteria so that your work can be selected. Winners will get prize money according to the amount provided by each contest.

Website: sribu com

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Projects co id

One thing that is interesting about is that the founder is a former freelancer with more than a decade of experience. With the concept of AJEEB (Safe, Clear, Effective, Efficient, and Quality), strives to provide quality services at a reasonable price for its members.

At, you can not only offer services, but also sell products! The products that you can sell are non-physical products such as digital products or services.

In addition, also provides an affiliate program where you can earn income just by promoting this site through the URL that has been provided. For each project carried out through the affiliate link, you will get a commission of between 10-20 percent of the commission earned by

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Website: projects co id

Indonesian freelancers

Frelancer is one of the largest freelance service providers in the world connected to more than 30 million owners and freelancers from 247 countries. Naturally, this Australian startup has acquired several outsourcing sites from Europe and Canada. And for Indonesia, there is already a local version at

On this site, you can participate in various projects from various sectors such as data entry , graphic design, writing articles, making illustrations, translations, and much more. The projects are usually displayed with the name and description of the project, skills required, deadline, number of applicants, and wages. Uniquely, you can apply for a higher or lower price than the owner’s budget to work on the project.

In addition to regular projects, there is also a contest system where we can compete with other freelancers to work on projects whose results will be assessed and voted on by clients. And just like, every registered user has the right to join the affiliate program with attractive commissions.

But unfortunately, even though it already has an interface with Indonesian, this site still relies on English for its support services.

Website: freelancer co id


As the name implies, this site is intended for freelancers who can provide any services worth IDR 50,000. This site has two main menus namely Kangtao and Demand. Kangtao is a service offered by freelancers, while Demand is a request for services from clients.

Gobann itself provides various job categories ranging from writing services, translation, logo design, CV creation, feng-shui advice, and many others. Interestingly, with a salary of IDR 50,000, many unique services are offered, ranging from listening to stories, reading personality, helping with school assignments, to finding a mate.

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Besides Gobann, another site that also offers a variety of services for 50 thousand Rupiah is all 50ribu com .

Website:  gobann com

RuangGuru com

The last best freelance site on this list is RuangGuru which is specifically intended as a freelance site for teaching staff or those who intend to teach. Here we can teach online or come to meet students in person. The level of education that you can choose varies from elementary, junior high, to high school.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a teacher at RuangGuru, there are no restrictions on location of residence, background, or age. Enrollment is open as long as you have a teachable skill. Even so, you must pass a test and verification process before you can teach at RuangGuru.

Website:  ruangguru com


In addition to the names of the sites above, there are actually many other sites that provide jobs for freelancers. If you are proficient in English, you can try international freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork or 99designs. But remember, even though the job is quite a lot and the pay can be higher, the competition is also tougher.

To make it easier to attract clients, you can create a portfolio site or a CV (curriculum vitae) . That way others can see your previous work. The CV itself is quite easy to make, especially now that there are many interesting templates ready to use. For example, Canva provides 30+ free sample CVs that you can easily edit directly from Canva. In less than 15 minutes, you can have your own cool CV!


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