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Miropa Vintage.  Yesterday I received an email from Bukalapak which contained a policy change for all customers who have joined as Bukalapak Agents. With this new policy, there are important changes regarding the commissions earned by Bukalapak agents. So does this new change bring more benefits or is it the same? Read on for this article!

Bukalapak agent is a feature where you can earn commissions by making transactions for all goods on

Compared to an affiliate program, being a Bukalapak Agent is more like a dropshipper where you trade and buy goods on Bukalapak offline.

Unfortunately, no program is perfect.

Having previously received frequent criticism regarding the commission system given to each agent, this time Bukalapak issued a new policy that is expected to fix this problem.

Changes in policy for agents made by Bukalapak

To see at a glance what the changes to the Bukalapak Agent policy are, you can see them in the following table:

Live Commission System

This commission system is perhaps the most highlighted by Agents in the previous policy.

As an illustration, the agent will get a commission of 3% for every physical goods transaction made.

However, purchases using a Bukalapak Agent account will be subject to an administration fee of 5% of the price of the goods purchased. Even though this administrative fee does not appear when we make transactions using a regular account.

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Examples of administrative fees charged to Bukalapak agents

From here, you can see the oddity. How is it possible for the agent to make a profit if to get a 3% commission he has to pay a 5% administration fee?

The scenario offered by Bukalapak is to charge all costs (item price + shipping + insurance + administration fees) to the buyer. But this will actually make the agent’s selling price to the buyer less competitive.

After all, if we manage to find a buyer who is willing to pay that price, wouldn’t it be more profitable if we bought goods from Bukalapak without being an agent? That way, the administrative costs that the buyer is willing to pay will actually be a profit for us.

Then, what about the new policy now?

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For now, the Direct Commission has been increased to 5%, it’s just that the administrative costs are still there. That way, the commission that we get will be used up to cover the administrative costs.

I don’t think it’s any different from buying things and selling them as a normal user.

If so, is it still not profitable to be an agent?

Calm! still really’.

In addition to making a profit by marking up the selling price, being an agent also gives you the opportunity to enjoy special agent promos.

This promo can be in the form of free shipping, discount vouchers, to additional commission bonuses that you can use to get more profit.

Weekly commission system

The commission system for the sale of E-vouchers has not changed much. You will still get a 5% commission bonus every week if the sale of E-Voucher products such as credit, data packages, game vouchers, electricity tokens, to KAI tickets, successfully exceeds the specified target.

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The only difference is the increase in the quota of electricity tokens that you must successfully sell from IDR 250,000 to IDR 300,000.

Compared to the direct commission system, this weekly commission system is more profitable than selling physical products although the profit may not be as large as the direct commission.

For more details, you can read my previous review on how to make a profit by becoming a Bukalapak credit agent .

Referral commission system

By becoming a Bukalapak Agent, you have the opportunity to invite other people to become agents and get commissions from your downline agents (this time called Kawan Agen).

Along with the increase in direct commissions, this referral commission system gets the most significant changes.

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If you previously received a 2% commission for every physical transaction made by your downline agent. With the new system, you will only get a commission of IDR 50,000 for every downline agent who successfully makes a physical goods transaction of IDR 1,000,000 (multiples do not apply).

This is reasonable because the missing 2% commission has now been included in the total value of the direct commission.

So, is being a Bukalapak agent still a promising opportunity?

With this new policy, at first glance, there is no significant difference if you decide to become a dropshipper for goods at, either as an agent or not.

This is because the 5% commission you get will annul the administration fee which is also 5%. That way, the transactions you make are no different from transactions using a regular account.

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However, as a dropshipper, you also need to consider Bukalapak as one of the most trusted online marketplaces with a complete selection of goods.

Especially for E-Voucher product transactions, I highly recommend you to join this Agent program. In addition to getting a fairly competitive price, a 5% commission and transactions without administrative fees can make you get double profits.

As an example of the following transaction where I get a commission from selling pulses and electricity tokens by 5% plus an additional 5% commission that I get from the promo that week.

Pretty good luck right?

For those of you who are interested, register as a Bukalapak agent now .



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