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Miropa Vintage. If previously I wrote how to sell goods on BukaLapak and how to register for BukaLapak agents, in this article I will share my experience of selling credit as a BukaLapak agent. Is being an BukaLapak agent really profitable? Keep on reading this article!

In the previous article, I wrote how to easily get additional income by becoming an agent of BukaLapak . By becoming an BukaLapak Agent, you act as an offline dropshipper for goods sold on the Bukalapak com site .

However, apart from getting a profit by selling the items you buy from BukaLapak, you can also get additional commissions, namely:

  • Direct commission 5% for every transaction of physical goods.
  • 5% weekly commission for every E-Voucher transaction, each of which has a weekly quota that you must fulfill.
  • A commission of IDR 50,000 for each agent you successfully recruit and has made a transaction of IDR 1,000,000.
  • Commissions from promo bonuses vary in size and are usually valid only for a certain period of time.

As of 23 May 2017, Bukalapak made a policy change that affects the amount of commissions that Bukalapak agents get.

Since this writing, the above commission scheme is no longer valid. For the latest Bukalapak Agent commission scheme, please see the Bukalapak Agent 2018 guide .

Tempting isn’t it? So if you haven’t joined, register as a Bukalapak agent immediately .

Why do you have to be a pulse skipper?

The main commission you get by becoming an BukaLapak Agent can be divided into two. Direct Commissions that you get for physical goods transactions and Weekly Commissions that you can get for E-Voucher transactions if certain conditions are met.

Even though they both get commissions, there are several reasons why I prefer to transact E-Voucher products as an BukaLapak Agent.

  • Free administration fee – By becoming an BukaLapak Agent, you will be charged an administration fee of 5% for each transaction. The existence of this administrative fee will obviously make the selling price of goods higher if it is imposed on prospective buyers. However, specifically for purchasing E-Vouchers, there is no administrative fee so you can set a competitive selling price.
  • Fast and hassle-free transactions – Selling non-physical products such as credit or electricity tokens can be done in the blink of an eye. If there is an order, all you have to do is buy, pay, and the product directly reaches the customer. Hassle-free because you also don’t have to deal with the problem of damaged goods, wrongly sent goods, long arrivals, to the matter of returning goods.
  • More regular sales – Everyone needs E-Voucher products, even sales can be very stable or tend to increase because everyone definitely needs credit or electricity tokens. Although the profit may be much smaller than the sale of physical products, the constant sale of E-Vouchers can also bring in a hefty profit.
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One other note why I chose to try to become a skipper of BukaLapak credit, is my experience selling credit and electricity tokens to friends at work, so you can try this as well!

Then what about the price offered by BukaLapak?

To be honest, I was quite surprised when I first saw the credit price offered by BukaLapak. As someone who has ever sold credit, I can assure you that the price offered is not much different from the price offered by other credit agents. Even if there is a price difference, the value is still only slightly different.

Even so, there are still some prices that have a fairly high margin so that if you sell it at a kiosk price, the profit is very thin.

And just like other credit agents, the prices listed on fluctuate. So don’t be surprised if the price changes frequently.

For electricity tokens themselves, the price is approximately the same as electricity tokens that you can buy via internet/mobile banking services provided by the bank that you use.

So, very cheap is not it? Even if you only use it for personal consumption, you can still save a lot![adinserter block=”1″]

How does BukaLapak agent become a credit skipper?

Register as an BukaLapak Agent

To sell E-Voucher products, you don’t actually need to register first because BukaLapak provides featuresBuy Without Register. The credit price offered is the same as buying it using the BukaLapak account.

However, to get commissions and other bonuses, you must first have an BukaLapak account and then register as an BukaLapak Agent .

After becoming an BukaLapak Agent, you can start selling E-Voucher products such as Credit, Electricity Tokens, Game Vouchers, Train Tickets, to Airplane Tickets.

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Fill in the balance of BukaDompet

To make transactions easier, I highly recommend filling your BukaDompet balance first. BukaDompet will later function as a place to deposit money that you will use to transact at BukaLapak. So no need to go back and forth transfers and spend additional costs.

To add an BukaDompet deposit, simply go to the homepage and select the BukaDompet option.

Enter the nominal you want, then select the payment method you like then press the Add Balance button .

On the next page, you will be guided to make a payment according to the payment method of your choice.

BukaLapak gives you 12 hours to make a payment. If you exceed the time limit then you have to repeat the filling process from the beginning.

When the money has been received by BukaLapak, the BukaDompet balance will increase automatically. You can see directly the balance of BukaDompet directly from the homepage of the BukaLapak website.

Start Selling E-Voucher products

To start selling credit, the easiest way is to use a cellphone equipped with an internet connection. If you use a smartphone, there are applications that you can download:

  • iPhone
  • Android

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NOTE: E-Voucher transactions through the smartphone application only serve the purchase of credit, data packages, and electricity tokens. Purchases of game vouchers, KAI tickets, or airline tickets can only be done via a browser.

Buying E-Voucher products in the BukaLapak application is very easy, because this feature is in the top position in the application. To make the transaction you want, just select the menu and enter the purchase amount. After that, you will be directed to different pages depending on what you bought.

  • For the purchase of credit , you will be directed to the payment page.
  • To purchase a data package , you will be directed to choose a data package provided by the number provider.
  • To purchase electricity tokens , you will be directed to a new page that contains data on the owner of the electricity number.

Purchase data package
Purchase of electricity tokens

After you have finished choosing a data package or confirming the owner of the electricity number, you will be directed to the payment page.

To make payments, there are many ways you can do such as transfers, mobile payments , through retail outlets such as Indomaret & Alfamart, or using BukaDompet.

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If you use BukaDompet, you will be asked to enter your BukaLapak account password before you can make a payment. So don’t be afraid of your BukaDompet balance being misused by others.

A popup will appear if you successfully make a payment with BukaDompet. In no less than one minute, usually the credit/electricity token that you buy has arrived at the customer’s hands.

BukaLapak itself provides a 15 minute limit for all transactions. If within that time the purchase fails, the payment money will automatically enter the BukaDompet balance.

To make sure the transaction is successful, go to the menuPurchaseand see the status of the transaction. If the transaction is successful then all statuses will be green.

To purchase electricity tokens, you can see the number by going to the menuPurchase. Select the electricity token purchase transaction and look at the menuElectric Token. Here you can see the serial number that you will give to the customer.

Comparison with conventional way

After a long time selling credit in the conventional way, selling credit by becoming an BukaLapak Agent looks very attractive. I even thought about switching completely and leaving the old ways.

Compared to the conventional method, there are several important points that I consider.[adinserter block=”3″]


As I mentioned earlier, the credit price offered by BukaLapak is very competitive so you can resell it and get a profit.

With a slight difference in profits, the commission allows BukaLapak agents to earn higher profits than conventional methods.

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To get a commission from the sale of E-Vouchers, you must meet the following conditions:

  • The accumulation of credit and data package transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 200,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of electricity token transactions reaches a minimum IDR 300,000 in that week.
  • The accumulation of game voucher transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 100,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of KAI ticket transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 350,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of flight ticket transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 1,000,000 for that week.

)* This commission can even increase if you join the BukaLapak Agent special promo.

Commission calculation is calculated every Thursday at 23:59 WIB every week. And if you can meet the target, the commission will automatically enter your BukaDompet balance.

The commission that I managed to get as an BukaLapak Agent through the sale of credit and electricity tokens

Time for successful transaction confirmation

One of the important factors in selling pulses is the speed of service. Imagine if you had to serve a customer who was in a hurry but there was no news of the credit transaction.

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In the conventional way, I have to wait up to 60 Minutes when a transaction is in a pending status. If this is the case, I could potentially lose credit or lose customers.

But with BukaLapak, you only need to wait 15 minutes. If the transaction exceeds the time limit, the transaction fee will be returned to the BukaDompet balance.


If there is one weakness in selling credit through BukaLapak, it is stock-based sales.

I found out about this incident when I was trying to top up my credit with a small nominal in the afternoon. How surprised I was to find out there was no such option when we chose the transaction nominal. Even though I just filled up my credit with the same provider and the same nominal in the morning.

With the same provider but there is a missing nominal

From the BukaLapak community, I just found out that the sale of E-Vouchers is based on existing stock. So if there is no nominal you want, maybe the stock is running out.

Transaction Convenience

Maybe this is a subjective thing, but transacting via SMS is still more convenient than transactions via the internet. With SMS, notifications ‘feels’ are easier to get even though the internet is the same.

No wonder there are still online businesses that provide premium services in the form of notifications via SMS.


Selling credit is an easy way to have additional income in a fast way. Even though the profit looks small, if done well the results are quite good enough to cover your monthly credit.

Compared to ordinary credit agents, the prices offered by BukaLapak are very competitive, so you can get profits like regular credit kiosks. This doesn’t even include the commission you can get as an BukaLapak Agent. You can also see other advantages of selling credit via Bukalapak in the XL top up article that I made.

However, for those of you who are already selling credit, I do not recommend immediately switching completely to BukaLapak. It’s a hassle if you have to serve buyers but the credit stock is empty. But the commission will obviously increase the profit selling your credit.

How, are you also interested in being a pulse skipper? Register now and become an BukaLapak Agent  now!


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