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Miropa Vintage. In today’s online era, selling goods has never been easier. With just a cellphone and an internet connection, we can start a business from home.

How to start an online business is quite easy. We can use social media accounts or create stores in online marketplaces such as Bukalapak, Tokopedia, or Shopee. Apart from being free, all three are connected to a very wide market. The benefits that you can get also have great potential.

Not only these two ways, in fact there are other ways, namely by creating an online store. Online stores themselves have many benefits and advantages that are not obtained if we sell through social media or online buying and selling sites.

If you want to grow your business, you can consider some of the disadvantages and benefits of this online store!

Benefits and Benefits of Having Your Own Online Store

Increase visitor trust

It’s not a strange thing if we often check a brand before deciding to buy it. If we search through Google and see there is a website with that brand name, our trust level will usually increase drastically right?

This is reasonable considering the website and the information in it is one of the factors that is used as an indication of whether a store/brand is reliable or not. In addition, an online store website that looks good also shows that the brand is managed seriously and professionally.

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So if you want to be more trusted by visitors and increase sales, you can start by creating your own online store website.

Increase sales

By opening your own online store, it is certain that the goods sold are our own goods, right? That way, every successful transaction will definitely bring us a profit.

This is different from selling on social media or online marketplaces. Because this site can be used by anyone, potential buyers will be easily distracted by the appearance of other people’s goods.

Increase Brand Awareness

If you have a brand, then you must have your own online store.

When we use a brand name as the name of a stall/store in an online marketplace, the name is only one of the names associated with an online marketplace. So when visitors finish transacting, what they remember later is the name of the online marketplace, not the name of our shop/lapak.

This is different from creating an online store that is made according to the brand name that we have. When they buy a product, it is our brand name that will be remembered for the first time.

Increase the number of recurring customers

Bringing in new potential buyers will be more difficult than bringing in buyers who have bought from us. For this reason, recurring customers , or buyers who make repeat purchases, are important in online business.

Continuing the previous point, when we sell a good product and provide maximum service, the buyer will usually remember the place where he bought the item. And when they are about to make a second purchase, the site they remember is the site where they bought the item before.

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If we sell on online marketplaces such as Tokopedia or Bukalapak, then this is the e-commerce site they will remember. Unfortunately, with the large number of shops and competitors in an online marketplace, it is possible that the second purchase will be made elsewhere.

By using your own online store, visitors will remember the name of your site. So when they decide to transact again, they will do it in your online store.

Collect consumer data yourself

Consumer data is an important thing that every online business activist should have. With consumer data, we can follow up goods and transactions easily. We can also inform the promotion directly to the customer. That way, the opportunity for repeat purchases will be greater. Without consumer data, we always have to find new customers.

When we sell on an online marketplace, customer data like this is confidential. They even limit the movement of sellers and can only contact buyers through the applications they provide. But by opening an online store, you can have your own customer data.

Promotion machine that works 24 hours non-stop

Having your own online store is like having a shop that is open 24 hours non-stop throughout the year. That way visitors can come whenever they want to find information about the products we sell.

Actually this is also one of the advantages of selling online in other ways. The difference is that in online stores, we can create product categories with good filter features so that prospective buyers can browse more easily. In addition we can also make useful articles about our products as a means of promotion. It’s great that you can get additional traffic from the article!

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Save cost

With all the advantages above, how much does it cost to set up an online store?

It was so cheap! Especially when compared to physical stores which cost a lot of money. By creating an online store, we no longer need to bother with building rental costs and employee salaries. In addition, promotional costs can also be reduced so that the costs are more efficient.

An online store is relatively cheaper than creating a physical store

Disadvantages of Online Stores

Although it has many advantages, creating your own online store also has its drawbacks, especially the following two points:

Difficult to compete with established brands

With increasingly fierce online competition, it seems difficult for new online stores to be able to compete with other competitors that existed first. Let alone competing with big names like Lazada or Tokopedia, we may also have difficulties when we have to deal with other small online stores that first existed.

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That’s why you must have your own strategy in developing your online store. To start, you can choose a special niche that still has few competitors. After that, don’t forget to be active on social media and continue to promote your online store in forums/communities that match the products you sell.

Need technical skills

One of the things that often hinders business people from creating their own online store is a technical problem, especially if we create an online store on a large scale. And this technical problem is not only when creating an online store, but also maintenance problems and other small problems that occur everyday.

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With a learning curve that is quite high on average, it will be difficult to learn new things while still running our online business. But if you don’t want to bother, you can hire special freelance services to deal with these technical matters.

Creating your own online store is one of the ways an online business can be done to sell products that you make and sell yourself. With the various benefits that you can get, the cost of creating an online store will look very cheap.

Then how to create an online store?

If you don’t want to bother, there are many online shop creation services that you can rent. Some hosting providers even offer services for online shops as well. It’s not bad if you buy hosting, you can make an online shop too.

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But if you want a cheaper option, you can also create an online store with a Blogger blog and a special template for e-commerce. For how, see the next tutorial from me


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