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Miropa Vintage. The FreePay affiliate program is a feature that can give you additional commissions for every person you successfully invite to use FreePay. But to be able to attract new users is not an easy thing, especially with the proliferation of similar applications. Then what are the tips and tricks that you can use for the FreePay promotion to increase the number of your downline agents?

FreePay has officially removed the affiliate system as of May 12, 2018. Instead, there will be a new program, Gratis Pay, Community System, which will be released on July 1, 2018. For more info and information, you can read it directly on the Gratis Pay blog .

With all its advantages, GratisPay can help you fulfill your credit needs and pay bills quickly and easily. Providing cheaper selling prices and cashback for every transaction, FreePay can also be relied on to resell their services offline. So not only used for personal purposes only!

If you have used FreePay, you know that this PPOB service has an affiliate program that is guaranteed to increase your profits. With this affiliate program, you can earn commissions just by inviting other people to start using FreePay. The amount of commission that can be obtained depends on the number of transactions made by your downline agent. In addition, you can also get additional commissions if your downline agent upgrades their account to premium. No half-hearted, FreePay even offers a profit scheme of 25 million per month from this affiliate program.

However, with the increasing number of other PPOB applications, inviting others to use FreePay is not an easy matter. Relying on the advantages of FreePay alone is not enough to attract the interest of our prospective downline agents. Then what are the ways you can do to increase your downline in the FreePay affiliate program? Looking at friends who have already tried FreePay, there are many tips and tricks they use. Just have a look! Who knows, one of the ways below will match your affiliate marketing  strategy .

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Free Affiliate Promotion Tips and Tricks

Offer to Family or Close Friends First

FreePay is an application that can make your life easy and can be used every day. So it’s not difficult to recommend this one fintech service to others.

In addition, the price that the downline agent gets will be the same as the price we get. So there are no stories of downlines feeling cheated when registering through the affiliate link that you provide.

But just like other affiliate programs, it’s a good idea to start promoting from family or close friends first. The rise of online fraud cases and cases of fraud under the guise of affiliate/investment make many people hesitate to glance at such programs. If you offer it to people who already know your profile, of course they will be easier to invite to use FreePay.

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Maximize Free-to-Pay Promotion Tools

To help you promote FreePay, there are many promotional tools available for you to use. You can find all these tools in the AFFILIATE menu » AFFILIATE PROMOTION TOOLS. Each of these tools you can use depending on what media you use to promote FreePay.

Have a blog? there are promotional banners and ready-to-use landing pages.

Only have social media accounts? You can just use an affiliate link or use a message template that you can use on Facebook, WhatsApp, or BBM. So no need to bother making your own message.

Examples of ready-to-use message templates for Free to Pay promotions on Facebook, WhatsApp, and BBM.

Create a Free Blog or Landing Page

Creating a blog or a special landing page for an affiliate product is one way that bloggers often do to maximize visitors who are interested in the affiliate product. With this blog or landing page  , all the info you need about an affiliate product will be fully presented in one place.

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This special affiliate program blog or  landing page is very easy to recognize because it is usually created with a domain name that contains the keywords of the affiliate product being promoted. In addition, if you go to the blog, all the content thoroughly explores all the information about an affiliate product.

For free-to-pay blogs, you can try to search for this service. There must be one or two blogs where from the domain name we already know that the blog is only specifically used to promote FreePay.

An example of a free-to-pay promotional blog that appears in Google search results.

Unfortunately I don’t know exactly how much conversion value you can get by creating this kind of blog. Some of the FreePay specialty blogs I contacted prefer to keep their kitchen secret. But with the proliferation of blogs like this, I think this is also worth trying as long as it doesn’t violate Google’s rules (keyword stuffing, black hat SEO, etc.).

If you don’t want to bother creating a special blog, you can also make a Free-Paid review article that you can post on your own blog. If you have a large number of visitors, you don’t need to worry too much about SEO because the article can be read by your own blog visitors.

Free-to-pay promotion through the free-to-pay special Facebook page

Bloggers who create a free-to-pay blog usually don’t miss out on creating a special Facebook page for that blog. You can guess all of its contents, too, regarding all FreePay!

From the timeline, I can also see that this kind of FB Page will usually only quote the official FreePay Facebook status or notify you when there is new content on the FreePay Blog. When you have got enough members, then usually the content starts to vary a little.

Having a gathering place for users who are equally interested in PayFree will certainly increase your chances of getting new downline agents. However, if you are not diligent in taking care of this kind of Facebook Page, the potential agent may be taken by someone else.

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The official FreePay Facebook page @BebasBayarID, other than this it’s definitely not official.

Create a Free-to-Pay Rival Application

Competition here means not making new applications from scratch!

If you search for the FreePay keyword on the Play Store, you can see that there are quite a number of applications that have the FreePay name.

A row of Android applications that include the name FreePay.

This application itself is usually an unofficial application that will only direct you to the actual installation of the Free-Paid application. If you are observant, you can see that this application is very small in size compared to the actual size of the FreePay application.

All of this is of course done to get a lot of downlines because you will be redirected through the affiliate link of the application maker. I see this method is quite successful because the application maker gets a very large number of downloads, the rating given is quite good.

An example of an unofficial FreePay app which is quite popular with more than 10,000 active installations.

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Become an Official Free Agent

In addition to making it easier for us to enjoy Free Pay services from HP, this PPOB application also has a Free Pay Agent program that you can run offline.

In contrast to ordinary members, FreePay agents are FreePay members who have a business function to develop their business, for example developing a shop/grocery shop business. In addition, the Free Agent has many other advantages such as:

  1. CASHBACK transactions are higher than ordinary members.
  2. Special prices for credit products, online games and tickets.
  3. Every Transaction earns Points that can be used for Discounts at merchants/stores that cooperate with FreePay.
  4. Become an E-Commerce payment center (PlasaMall & JadiPergi) with commissions in accordance with applicable regulations.
  5. Become a member deposit center.
  6. Place for disbursement of transfer funds both domestically and abroad, commission according to the provisions.
  7. Get a free agent certificate.
  8. Get tangible support (banners, brochures, etc.).
  9. Will join the Telegram Group of Free Pay Agent Officials from all over Indonesia with marketing knowledge submissions every week.
  10. Additional commission of IDR 125,000 for every Free Agent you register.
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Not only can it be used to sell FreePay services to people around the house, you can also promote FreePay services or the Free Pay Agent program to other people who are interested.

But unfortunately not all regular members can become Free-to-Pay Agents. You have to fulfill some of these conditions first.

  • Doing registration. The registration period itself is very limited and cannot be done every day, so you must continue to monitor the blog or FreePay timeline. You can see the registration link on the FreePay blog.
  • Preferably have a representative place of business, such as a grocery store/minimarket/restaurant/other business place (photo attached).
  • In one kelurahan/village there is only 1 agent.
  • Maintain a minimum of 50 transactions/month, regardless of the type of transaction, it doesn’t matter.
  • Install a banner or brochure that has been provided.

Free Pay Agent registration is only open at certain times, so keep an eye on the official Free Pay account!

After you meet these conditions, you will get a call and a FreePay team will survey your location. If you fail, don’t worry! The registration fee you paid will be refunded again’.


MUST READ! All of the methods above do not guarantee that you will immediately get massive downline agents! But what is certain is that your chances of getting a free-to-pay downline agent are bigger. The problem of whether or not it all goes back to the hard work of each FreePay affiliate marketer .

If you haven’t used FreePay but are already interested in this PPOB application, please read the FreePay review  or download the application directly via the link below.


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