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Miropa Vintage. Isn’t it time to go to the kiosk or counter to buy credit and electricity tokens! With the FreePay application, you can do all of these things with a thumbs up. So there’s no need to bother and it’s hot outside, paying bills via cellphone is now easy.

There are many things that are replaced one by one with the rapid development of technology.

The easiest example is how all devices that still carry analog technology are now starting to become extinct due to the increasingly sophisticated gadgets of today .

Even with conventional shopping. In the past we had to go to a store or mall to buy something, now we can do everything from home with just a thumbs up. Not tired, not too hot, saving on gasoline, goods can be asked to be delivered to the house.

The rapid development of e-commerce sites is also slowly encouraging other businesses related to financial transactions. One technology that has splashed the taste of online business opportunities in Indonesia is fintech .

What is Fintech?

Fintech or financial technology is a type of business that provides internet and technology-based financial services.

The presence of fintech has changed the way consumers in many ways. For example, we can connect fintech applications with handheld devices and use them to monitor all financial transactions that we make.

Some other fintech applications can even be used as ‘digital wallets’ that can be used to buy a product.

Advantages of fintech

Fintech applications, especially those related to payments, are gaining a lot of popularity because they can offer many things that you don’t find in ordinary transaction systems, for example:

  • Transaction speed and convenience – You only need internet capital, transactions can be done anytime and anywhere via smartphone.
  • Lower prices – Some fintech services do not require too large a physical infrastructure. In addition, their function as middleman helps save a lot of costs so that consumers can get lower prices.
  • Abundant choices – With online services, the products or services that you can get are not only limited to stock that can be accommodated by a store. With fintech, all sellers and buyers can be found in one big container, so your choices are not the only ones.
  • Ease of access to several financial services – The existence of fintech brings consumers closer to several financial services that were previously only accessible to a few people. For example, investing and applying for credit can now be done from home with an easy and fast process.
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In Indonesia itself, there are many types of fintech, including payment startups, lending , financial planning (personal finance) , retail investment, joint accounts (escrow) , financing (crowd funding) , to financial research.

Some examples of fintech operating in Indonesia include Ipaymu, DoKu, GoPay, to Kudo.

In this article, I will provide a review of FreePay, the best Indonesian fintech application that can help you make payment transactions easily.

Free to Pay, the Best Fintech Application in Indonesia?

FreePay is an application that is 100% native to Indonesia and is under PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi which has developed many applications in the micro payment, e-commerce, and travel businesses. In addition to FreePay, the company, which is commanded by Mas Ibnu Sunanto, also oversees other fintech applications such as FastPay, JadiPergi, TiketKAI, PlasaMall, etc.

With FreePay, there are many things you can do.

  • Want to buy credit or data packages? Can!
  • Want to pay for electricity or PDAM? You can!
  • Want to pay BPJS installments? Can also!
  • Want to book a plane or train ticket? Really can!

Buy game vouchers, pay insurance, pay credit card installments, to buy goods, all can use PayFree. With a total of more than 250 payment services, there is no need to queue anymore to pay all your bills.

Why should it be Free?

Why do you have to use FreePay? There are also many other similar fintech services. Especially now that Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) services are mushrooming.

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Yup, indeed now there are many services that can help you buy e-voucher products such as credit and pay bills for other public services. Call it Kudo or PayFazz as a rival to the FreePay application. All of them have the same basic features.

Then why should you choose Free ?

  1. 100% free , no registration fee. Just register with your phone number or email address, you can fill in your deposit and start selling e-vouchers.
  2. Low initial deposit fee . Just start with a capital of IDR 10,000 and you can already use the FreePay features.
  3. Complete service . Starting from buying credit, paying BPJS, to paying installments, there are more than 250 payment services that can be done through FreePay.
  4. Cashback for every transaction . Besides getting a cheaper price than a regular kiosk, there’s also cashback! And from my experience the cashback is quite large compared to other PPOB applications, especially if you have a Premium account .
  5. Access from anywhere . Transactions can be done not only from the FreePay application but also via the website, WhatsApp, and even via SMS.
  6. There is an automatic payment feature . This is a feature that is rarely found in other similar services. With the AUTO PAYMENT feature, don’t worry anymore about forgetting to pay your monthly installments.
  7. experience . PT Bimasakti Multi Sinergi who is behind the FreePay service is not a child yesterday afternoon. No half-hearted, this company has 7 years of experience in the payment sector.
  8. Lots of promos . Every month there is always a tempting promo that can make you excited to use FreePay for sales. You can monitor all of these promos through the official FreePay social media account or read directly on  the FreePay blog .
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Examples of FreePay promos that you can use to get additional commissions.

  1. Safe . PT. Bimasakti Multi Sinergi which has been certified to ISO 27001 which means FreePay guarantees the confidentiality of your information from misuse of information by unauthorized parties.
  2. Additional income potential . With the affiliate program, you can get additional income in the form of passive income for every downline you invite to use FreePay. For more information see the affiliate section below.

Pay Bills Via Cellphone for Free

To use FreePay is very easy. Whether through the Android application or via the web, both have a simple interface that you can quickly learn.

However, before you can use the features in the FreePay, you must first create an account and fill in your first deposit to start transacting.

Register a Free Account

You can register a FreePay account in two ways. You can enter the FreePay site or register through the application they have provided.

I myself do it through an application for an Android phone that I have. If you want to download the FreePay application, just click the following link:

When you have finished downloading and installing the FreePay application, just enter and fill out the registration form after the application intro.

For the first deposit field, you can start with a nominal value of IDR 10,000.

After completing registration, you will get a PIN which will be sent via SMS or via email. Use this mobile number/email and PIN to login to your FreePay account .

Make Your First Deposit

In addition to receiving an SMS regarding the PIN, FreePay will also send an SMS regarding the deposit procedure with the nominal you specified when registering earlier.

And don’t be surprised if the amount that must be transferred is different from the nominal deposit you entered. For example, if you want to deposit IDR 100,000, why do you have to transfer IDR 100,109 instead? Three or four numbers on the back serve as identification so that your transactions are processed faster.

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And this overpayment does not disappear but is added to your balance according to the amount transferred.

How to Make Transactions on FreePay

Financial transactions at FreePay can be done easily. Just click on the service you want and just follow the steps in it.

One important thing you know is that there is a purchase receipt every time you make a transaction. You can give this receipt/invoice to buyers who ask for proof of their purchases.

You can send this receipt to the buyer in the form of an image (screenshot) , PDF, or print it directly if you have a bluetooth printer.

Get Cashback For Every Transaction

Every successful transaction you make at FreePay will receive a cashback which will be added directly to your balance.

The amount of cashback depends on the type of transaction and the nominal amount of the transaction you make. The amount of cashback can also increase if you upgrade your account to premium. With cashback that is sometimes almost doubled, your profits will also increase.

And for those of you who want to get additional commissions from FreePay, this application also has an affiliate program, you know!

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Free Affiliate Program

FreePay has officially removed the affiliate system as of May 12, 2018. Instead, there will be a new program, Gratis Pay, Community System, which will be released on July 1, 2018. For more info and information, you can read it directly on the Gratis Pay blog .

There is no price difference between uplines and downlines in the FreePay affiliate scheme.

This may be a statement that I want to emphasize before discussing the affiliate program from FreePay.

All affiliate commissions come from the profits earned by FreePay. So don’t worry your profits will decrease if you register through someone else’s link! Fair right?

One other advantage of the FreePay affiliate program compared to similar applications is that the terms are easy. Just have a FreePay account, you can join this program.

In other applications that I know of such as PAYF**Z, you have to pay an administration fee first to be able to join the affiliate program.

Then how much commission can we get?

For every transaction made by a downline agent, we will get a commission of IDR 100 per transaction. And great again, this commission will be calculated up to a level-5 downline agent. This means that if you invite your friends, then your friends invite their friends again, and your friend’s downline invites his friends to use FreePay, you can get a commission from all of these people for each of their transactions.

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The amount of commission that you get can also be increased by upgrading your FreePay account to premium. Not bad, the commission increased 5x to Rp 500 per transaction!

In addition, you can also get additional commissions of up to IDR 12,500 (personal account) and IDR 25,000 (premium account) for every downline agent who upgrades his account.

Add a lot of commissions!

How do you get other people to join in using FreePay?

If you have this problem, don’t worry. FreePay has provided all the tools that you can use for promotion. To view it, go to the application/web and look under the menu AFFILIATES » AFFILIATE PROMOTION TOOLS.

Here you can see what promotional media you can use to increase the number of free-to-pay downline agents . There are affiliate links, landing pages , promotional banners, to ready-to-use promotional posts that you just need to copy and paste into Facebook or WhatsApp.

Complete ammunition for FreePay affiliate link promotion.

Free Account Personal vs FreePay Premium

Every new account created at FreePay is a Personal account created for free after your first deposit. For those of you who want more facilities and benefits, FreePay also provides the option to upgrade your account to Premium.

Some of the more benefits that can be obtained with a FreePay premium account include:

  • Additional features for withdrawing funds to Bank/ATM.
  • Additional features for withdrawing funds to payment points.
  • Additional balance transfer feature to bank account.
  • Additional cash transfer feature.
  • Cashback per transaction is greater than personal accounts.
  • Bigger affiliate commissions.

Big difference in cashback and affiliate commissions between Personal Free and Premium accounts.

To upgrade your account to Premium, you only need to pay a fee of IDR 150,000 which is immediately deducted from the balance you have. This payment also only needs to be made once in a lifetime.


As one of the best fintech applications in Indonesia, GratisPay is here to provide a solution to make it easier for us to buy e-voucher products and pay bills via cellphone.

The easy way to register and use makes FreePay should be your mainstay application. Not only can you save on personal expenses, FreePay also gives you the opportunity to earn additional commissions by inviting other people to join FreePay. Unmitigated, there is a potential income of up to 25 million per month from the FreePay affiliate program .

With cashback and affiliate programs that don’t burden downlines, FreePay is pretty cool to offer to friends. So, what are you waiting for, immediately try FreePay or download the application below.

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