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Miropa Vintage. BukaLapak as one of the largest online marketplaces , provides a means for those of you who want to do business without capital. With just a cellphone and an internet connection, you can start your own business from anywhere. How to? Read on until the end!

Having additional income outside of your main job is certainly very exciting. Especially at this time, there are many easy offers to get side income with just a smartphone and an adequate internet connection. One way is to become an BukaLapak Agent.

What is Bukalapak Agent?

Bukalapak agents are sellers of all products at Bukalapak offline.

What does that mean?

By becoming an BukaLapak Agent, you can buy goods online through BukaLapak and resell them offline. That way, you no longer need to think about packaging and shipping problems because this has been arranged by BukaLapak.

Not only physical goods, you can also trade non-physical products such as credit, data packages, electricity tokens, to plane tickets.

So all you have to do is find a buyer → buy the items they need → buy at BukaLapak → get your profits plus commission from BukaLapak.

If you pay attention, being an BukaLapak agent is more like a dropshipper. So if you think that being an BukaLapak agent is the same as affiliate marketing , I’m sorry!

Benefits of Being a Bukalapak Agent

There are many advantages that you can get by becoming an BukaLapak agent, including:


Being an BukaLapak agent gives you the opportunity to get attractive commissions for every transaction you make as an agent. The benefits that you can get can be direct commissions, weekly commissions, commissions as referral agents , and special agent promos that you can use to increase the amount of commissions you get.

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To find out more in detail, read in the special section about BukaLapak agent commissions .

Flexible working hours and without capital

So Bukalapak Agent is easy to do wherever you are. Capital to become a Bukalapak agent is also free because you only need an BukaLapak account and complete personal data (mobile number, email, and ID number).

In addition, there are no rules for working hours when you become a Bukalapak agent. You can freely offer things to people around you whenever you want.

Various payment methods

Bukalapak provides various online and real-time payment methods that make it easy for you to transact. The payment options that you can use include:

  • Open Wallet
  • Bank transfer
  • Kartu Credit
  • BCA KlikPay, Mandiri ClickPay, Mandiri E-Cash, and CIMB Clicks
  • Indomaret & Alfamart
  • Pos Indonesia, etc

For more complete information, you can read the complete payment guide from BukaLapak .

Millions of products in various categories

By becoming an BukaLapak Agent, you can get access to a wide selection of products ranging from daily necessities, gadgets, household appliances, baby equipment, to electronic products from thousands of online sellers from all over the archipelago.

Not only that, you can also sell virtual E-Voucher products such as credit, data packages, electricity tokens, game vouchers, and train tickets.

Competitive prices

BukaLapak is one of the largest online marketplaces in Indonesia which consists of many sellers, so it is only natural that the prices offered can be very competitive.

Not only buying individually, you can also buy in bulk to get a cheaper price.

Commission as BukaLapak agent

This may be what makes you curious about the benefits of being an BukaLapak Agent.

Actually, how much commission can I get?

NOTE:  There have been many positive changes to the Bukalapak Agent commission scheme since this article was published. For the latest information on Agent commissions, please see the Bukalapak Agent 2018 guide.

Commissions that you can get by becoming an BukaLapak Agent include:

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Live Commission

In addition to profiting from the goods you sell, there is also a direct commission of 5% for every purchase of physical products (such as mobile phones, cameras, fashion, electronics, etc.). This commission will be added directly to the BukaDompet balance after the transaction is complete, provided that the buyer does not return the goods or ask for a refund of the goods that have been purchased.

Commissions will also be given directly without a minimum transaction.

Weekly Commission

For E-Voucher transactions such as credit or electricity tokens, there is an additional weekly commission given if you manage to meet the sales quota for that week.

This commission calculation is carried out every Thursday at 23:59 WIB every week and is valid for agent registration on any day.

The amount of commission you get from E-Voucher transactions is 5%, the same as the commission you get from selling physical products.

To get it, you must meet the following sales targets:

  • The accumulation of credit and data package transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 200,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of electricity token transactions reaches a minimum IDR 300,000 in that week.
  • The accumulation of game voucher transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 100,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of KAI ticket transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 350,000 for that week.
  • The accumulation of flight ticket transactions reaches a minimum of IDR 1,000,000 for that week.

Remember! Commissions are only earned when you reach the sales target and there is no accumulation.

So if you manage to sell electricity tokens worth Rp. 200,000 in the first week (you will not get a commission bonus the first week) then manage to sell electricity tokens worth Rp. 300,000 in the second week, then the commission will only calculate the sales value that has exceeded the target. In this case it means IDR 300,000 x 5% or around IDR 15,000.

Special Promo for BukaLapak Agent

BukaLapak often holds promos that can provide more benefits for BukaLapak agents.

Each promotion has a different bonus and is usually held at a certain time. The bonuses that you can get can be in the form of free shipping vouchers, discounted prices for certain products, to additional commissions.

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Examples of promos that you can use to increase the commission value of BukaLapak Agents.

Additional commissions by inviting your friends to become agents

In addition to getting the commissions above, you can also get additional commissions if you manage to invite other people to become BukaLapak agents.

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For every agent you successfully recruit, there will be a 2% commission bonus for every physical goods transaction made by your downline. This commission only applies to agents who are one level below you, not forever.

So, don’t forget to join as a Get Agent and invite people who have the potential to become BukaLapak Agents!

Then, how to join the Get Agen Agent program?

Every time you register as an BukaLapak Agent, you will get a referral code which you can find onMy » Settings » Account Summary

Copy the invite link in the Bukalapak Agent column and spread it to the social networks you have, such as Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, WhatsApp, and others.

People who register themselves as agents through the invite link will automatically become your downline agents.

How to get a commission by becoming an BukaLapak agent

Register as an BukaLapak Agent

To become an BukaLapak agent, you must first have an BukaLapak account. I have explained the complete method in the article How to Sell Items at BukaLapak .

Make sure you fill in your mobile number and email address after you finish creating an account.

To register yourself as an BukaLapak Agent, you only need to go to the BukaLapak Registration link and enter your  KTP number, done.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to create a separate account from the BukaLapak account that you usually use. Even though there is an additional commission, buying goods as an BukaLapak Agent will make the purchase price higher because there is a 5% administration fee on the total payment. If as an agent you can charge this administration fee to the buyer, for personal consumption this fee will be charged to you as the buyer.

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Find Customers

Offer goods sold on Bukalapak to potential customers who are in need or looking for their dream item. You can start from the people around you, such as family, neighbors, office colleagues, college friends and other communities.

Buy items at BukaLapak

Buy the desired item and enter the purchase data. To fill in the address, you can use your address or the customer’s address. If you use your own address, you can check the goods first before they reach the consumer. However, this method can increase the cost of shipping if the customer’s address is far enough from yours.

Remember! the price you have to pay is the final price on the billing page which includes administration fees. So make sure your selling price includes these costs.

Administration fees are not charged for purchasing E-Voucher products and purchasing Bukalapak features such as push, push packages, promoted push, and others.

Get items

This may be one of the advantages of being a dropshipper like BukaLapak Agent. Once paid, the goods will be packaged and sent by the seller so you don’t have to bother with both. The payment itself can be made through the payment methods available on Bukalapak.

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Earn commission

After the transaction is completed (the goods are received), the commission will automatically enter the BukaDompet balance, the amount of which is adjusted to the transaction value.

Especially for E-Voucher products, a commission will be given if you manage to make a transaction above the minimum limit that has been determined.


Very tempting isn’t it? When else can you get additional income easily?

I myself have tried to be a Bukalapak agent and felt the benefits for myself.You can read my BukaLapak agent review and see for yourself whether BukaLapak really pays the commission to the agent.

If you are interested, don’t forget to register yourself as an BukaLapak Agent  now!


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