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Miropa Vintage. Full page script is one of the URL shortener tools that makes it easy for us to convert all links on the blog into shortlinks. If you are still confused about how to use it, see how to install the following safelink full page script.

For those of you who have a download blog, safelink is a fast way to earn money from your blog. Simply change the download link into a shortlink, we can get a commission for every unique click that we get.

Although we can create safelinks ourselves, using paid URL shorteners is still a fairly popular choice. In addition to not needing to be registered with advertising services like Adsense first, the registration process is quite easy because most only require a username and password. Besides that, everything is free, so you don’t need to spend money at the beginning.

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To create a short link with a paid URL shortener, it’s very easy. Usually there are many tools that have been provided to make it easier for us to integrate URL shortener services into blogs. Just choose according to our needs later.

One of the tools that you will probably use often is Full-Page Script / Website Script . With this tool, you can change all the links on your blog with just this one script. So no need to bother to replace all the links manually.

The Full-Page Script tool will also be very useful if you frequently change URL shorteners. Later you only need to unpack this script without having to change all the contents of the blog post that you have changed the link to.

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Although very useful, there are many users who are quite difficult to use this tool. URL shortener itself usually only includes a script that can be used without telling what to do with the script. Well, if you’re still confused about how to use it, keep reading this tutorial!

How to Use Full-Page Script on Blog

For the record, this method can be used for any safelink service you use because generally the code shared is not much different. So it doesn’t matter if you use Safelink Blogger , SafelinkU , or Adsafelink .

As an example this time, I will use the Full-Page Script tool from Adsafelink.

To view the code, go to the Adsafelink dashboard and select the TOOLS » FULL-PAGE SCRIPT menu.

Just like URL shortener services in general, you will see two codes that you can use.

Shorten Exclude

Use this code if we want to change all links except some links that point to a specific domain. For example, we can change all links on the blog except internal links that point to our own blog with this script.

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To do so, change the value of the variable shorten_excludewith the domain name that we don’t want to turn into a shortlink.

<!– Full Page Script Exclude–>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var go_url = ‘’;
var api = ’38e125a5ec4da81a652f2aea2cfcf8e2a30251cf’;
var shorten_exclude = [‘’, ‘’];
<script src=’’></script>
<!– Full Page Script Exclude–>

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Shorten Include

Use this code if we want to change the link that points to a specific domain only. For example, we can use this script ONLY to change links that point to Mediafire or ZippyShare domains only.

To do so, change the value of the variable shorten_includeto the name of the domain that we are going to turn into a shortlink.

<!– Full Page Script include–>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var go_url = ‘’;
var api = ’38e125a5ec4da81a652f2aea2cfcf8e2a30251cf’;
var shorten_include = [‘’, ‘’, ‘’];
<script src=’’></script>
<!– Full Page Script include–>

After you change the script, it’s time to install the Full-Page Script on the blog.

How to Install Full-Page Script on Blogger

To install the safelink script on Blogger (Blogspot), we can copy the script directly in the theme or use a widget. Please choose the easiest one!

How to install Full-Page Script on Blogger with a widget:

  1. Go to the Blogger dashboard and select the LAYOUT menu
  3. Copy the Full-Page script in the widget and save it.

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How to install Full-Page Script on Blogger in the theme:

  1. Log in to the Blogger dashboard and select the THEME menu » EDIT HTML
  2. Look for tags <head>to copy scripts in header or </body>to copy scripts in footer (choose only one)
  3. Copy the Full-Page script under the tag <head>or before the tag </body>, then save it

How to Install Full-Page Script in WordPress

The easiest way to add code in WordPress is with the help of the Insert Header & Footer plugin. With this plugin, we will be able to easily copy the safelink script where we want (header or footer). Not only that, the code entered with this plugin will not be lost if we update the WordPress theme.

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If you want to do it manually, please follow these steps,

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard and go to the VIEW » EDITORS menu.
  2. Look for the file header.phpto insert code into the WordPress header or footer.phpto insert the code into the WordPress footer.
  3. Add the script header.phpafter the tag <head>or footer.phpbefore the tag </body>, then save

The tutorial on how to install the Safelink Full-Page Script is finished on the blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!


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