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Miropa Vintage. Selling goods is one way you can make a profit. And now, selling goods has become much easier because there are so many online marketplace sites that you can take advantage of. In this article, we will see how to sell goods on BukaLapak, one of the largest online buying and selling sites in Indonesia.

Along with the rapid development of technology, making online transactions is becoming easier because today many stores are connected to their customers via the internet. Just browse, buy, pay, and you can have what you want.

But creating a site to sell online is not an easy thing.

What if you only want to sell one item? What if you just want to sell used cellphones ? Creating your own e-commerce website will certainly take a lot of time and effort. The results are not necessarily proportional to the benefits.

One way to overcome this is to use online marketplaces , which are now widely popping up in Indonesia. Lazada, Tokopedia, to BukaLapak, which we will discuss here, are some examples of buying and selling sites that you can use.

But, why should BukaLapak?

Apart from that you don’t have to bother to create your own site, BukaLapak has a large market so that the goods offered have many potential buyers.

By selling goods through BukaLapak you can also avoid fraud, both by buyers and sellers. This is because BukaLapak acts as a third hand that guarantees transactions made by sellers and buyers. So, you don’t have to worry about your money/goods being lost.

And speaking of achievements,, which was pioneered by Ahmad Zacky, has already received quite a number of awards . For example, on March 8 2017, BukaLapak won the Popularity Award of iEMA 2016 and was selected as The Absolute Winner of iEMA 2016 .

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In addition to the things I have mentioned above, there are other advantages when you sell online at Bukalapak com

  1. SMS notification every time there is an order – For every new order that appears, there will be a notification via your account dashboard or via SMS. Notifications will also appear when buyers have paid for the goods they ordered. That way, the transaction process becomes easy because you don’t have to haggle. In addition, with notifications via SMS, you don’t have to be in front of the computer to keep an eye on you all the time.
  2. Positive feedback for every successful transaction – Successful merchants depend on the reputation they have. With BukaLapak, you can increase this reputation by collecting as much positive feedback as possible from buyers. Positive feedback will automatically be obtained for every successful transaction even if the buyer does not provide feedback during the transaction. That way you no longer need to ask buyers to provide feedback or recommendations.
  3. Confirmation of receipt of payment – ​​You can receive payment immediately after the buyer confirms that he has received the goods. However, if the buyer has not yet confirmed, the funds will be automatically paid if the time limit has passed 1×24 hours after the goods have been sent according to the courier.
  4. Priority in search engines – Every page of goods that you sell through BukaLapak has gone through an SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) process to appear at the top of search results by Google, Yahoo, or Bing. So not only do you get traffic from BukaLapak, your goods can also be seen by everyone who accesses it through search engines like Google.
  5. Automatic postage calculation – You don’t need to bother calculating shipping costs because the system will automatically calculate the shipping costs that must be paid by the buyer. Calculation of shipping costs using data from JNE Regular which will be automatically added to the total payment of the buyer. So, no need to bother checking postage prices anymore.
  6. Online entrepreneurship education – BukaLapak continues to build an entrepreneurial spirit for sellers and buyers by providing online selling tips and tricks  and providing inspiration through the success stories of sellers on[adinserter block=”1″]
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Selling at BukaLapak com

Create an BukaLapak account

To start selling goods on, you must first be registered and have an account. The method? Go to the Bukalapak site and click the REGISTER button in the upper right corner of the BukaLapak site.

After that, fill in your data such as NAME, EMAIL, USERNAME, and PASSWORD. Apart from filling out the form, you can also register at BukaLapak using your Facebook account or Google account.

Fill in the data above to create an account at or register using your Facebook or Google account.

When you are finished, BukaLapak will send you an email that you must confirm. Click the CONFIRM EMAIL link and your BukaLapak account has been created.

Preparation before selling goods on BukaLapak com

Before starting to sell goods at BukaLapak, you will be asked to fill in your address and phone number first. To fill in these data, go to the PROFILE menu » SETTINGS and fill in the address and phone number data on the ACCOUNT and ADDRESS tabs.

When finished, don’t forget to fill in the data on the STAGE tab to decorate you with an attractive header photo. Also provide a clear description of the stall you created.

When you’re done, it’s time to sell items at[adinserter block=”3″]

How to sell goods at BukaLapak

Before you sell goods on Bukalapak, you must first check whether you can sell the goods through BukaLapak. BukaLapak itself has several provisions and makes a list of prohibited items that you cannot trade on the site carelessly.

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The list of items that you cannot sell through BukaLapak include:

  • Illegal drugs such as narcotics or drugs that are not registered with the Health Service or BPOM.
  • Pornography, sex toys , tools to enlarge the male vital organs, and other immoral items.
  • E-Books , CDs, DVDs, and pirated software .
  • Any kind of animal or pet.
  • Automotive (Cars and Motorcycles) unless there is an official collaboration with Bukalapak.
  • Property (House, Land, etc.).

For other items, you can check them on the list of prohibited items issued by BukaLapak.

To sell an item, go to the  MY STORE menu  and click the START SALE button.

After logging in, you will get two options to enter the data for the item you are going to sell. Do you want to input data one by one or many at once. The only difference lies in the format you use.

If you sell many items at once, you will be asked to fill in the data in CSV format which you can edit using software such as Microsoft Excel.

Now we fill in the data for the goods that you will sell through BukaLapak.

  • Item Name – You can change the name of the item if it is still within 1×24 hours, not in the shopping cart and has never experienced a transaction.
  • Item Category – Select the category of goods you are selling according to the product category in Bukalapak.
  • Unit Price – The price of the item you are selling. You can also determine the price for those who want to buy wholesale by including the minimum purchase amount.
  • Estimated Weight – Enter the estimated weight of the item in grams. If the calculated volumetric weight is heavier than the actual weight, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the volumetric weight calculation which you can calculate using the formula (W×W×H) (6000) × 1 kg.
  • Item Condition – New or used.
  • Item Description – Provide an interesting item description about the item you are selling.
  • Labels – Use labels to categorize the items you sell so that buyers can easily see similar items in your stall.
  • Tags – Use the tags in BukaLapak to display your products on the BukaLapak tag page.
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) – A unique number that you can give to each product so you can monitor sales.
  • Shipping – Select the shipping service you will use for delivery. Try to choose the closest shipping service to your sales location.
  • Share Items – Items that you have placed in the stall can be directly shared with social media accounts such as FB, Twitter, and BBM.
  • Promote Items  – With this feature, your products will have the highest priority and appear in the top search results in your product category.
  • Item Images – Try to upload more than one image and use clear images. In BukaLapak there is also an option to import images from Instagram or Facebook so you don’t have to go back and forth uploading photos that you have posted on the social media account.
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Import sales product images from Facebook or Instagram.

After you fill in everything, save the data and continue to monitor your stall.

Monitor transactions

To monitor every transaction on your account, select the MYLAPAK menu » SETTINGS » TRANSACTIONS. Not only sales, you can also monitor bills, purchases, and complaints/returns. Each transaction has 5 states as follows:

The color on the status Icon indicates a status that is currently active or has passed.

Packing and shipping goods

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If someone buys your product, there will be a notification via the Bukalapak account dashboard, SMS, or email. If the transaction status changes to PAID, then you must do the packaging and immediately send the goods in question.

Remember to always pack your product properly and send it using the courier service that has been chosen by the buyer.

After you submit your product, change the transaction status to SENT on the Transactions page. Also complete the receipt number and the name of the delivery service in the CONFIRMATION OF GOODS DELIVERY pop up.

Get paid

Bukalapak automatically transfers the money from the sale to the Pelapak BukaDompet balance after the buyer confirms receipt of the goods.

If after one day the goods are received (according to the delivery receipt) there is no confirmation from the buyer via confirmation of receipt of the goods, then the transaction is considered complete and the seller receives the money and feedback automatically.

Pelapak can withdraw money through BukaDompet page .[adinserter block=”1″]

Improve your reputation

Reputation is one of the important elements in online buying and selling transactions. Having a good reputation will make your stall more trusted by buyers and of course the potential for greater profits.

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At BukaLapak, there is a special emblem given according to your sales reputation at BukaLapak. Each emblem has a level according to the amount of positive feedback you get from buyers. The more positive feedback you give, the higher your reputation will be.

Join the BukaLapak community

After you finish selling, don’t forget to also join the BukaLapak community  so that you can discuss with each other, exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn about tips and tricks for buying and selling online at Bukalapak.

Not only that, you can also get the latest information related to Bukalapak, add to the network of community friendships throughout Indonesia, strengthen friendships, and add potential business partners.


Buying and selling goods online is very easy to do because there are many online marketstores that are able to provide a platform for sellers or buyers such as BukaLapak.

Easy registration and abundant features make BukaLapak the main choice for several buyers and sellers.

For those of you who are still hesitant to use BukaLapak and start selling online, why not read the success stories of the sellers at BukaLapak ? Who knows their story could be an inspiration for you.

So what are you waiting for! Go to Bukalapak com and register yourself immediately.


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