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Miropa Vintage. Nusaresearch is one of the most trusted and proven online surveys to pay. For those of you who want to know more in detail, check out the Nusaresearch review and my experience of earning money from this online survey.

Taking online surveys is one way to earn money through the internet. Simply by answering a few short questions, you can collect points which can later be exchanged for certain rewards. The form of reward offered varies depending on the online survey you take. But generally the reward given is in the form of cash (Rupiah/Dollar) or credit which will be sent directly to your number.

Earning money through online survey activities itself has many enthusiasts because the method is quite easy and doesn’t take long to do it.

Even so, it is difficult to find a trusted online survey from the many online surveys currently available. However, if you are looking for an Indonesian online survey that is proven to pay, I have one recommendation for you, Nusaresearch !

Before I explain at length what Nusaresearch is and whether this online survey really pays, I tried this online survey myself for the past few days. This is proof of payment that I got from Nusaresearch.

Proof of payment from Nusaresearch

The amount is quite small, but I think the $2 reward for a few minutes per day is a good return. To read my experience with Nusaresearch, just skip to this section !

Who is Nusaresearch?

Nusaresearch is one of the researchers under the auspices of the World Wide System Corporation (W&S Group), a provider of Market Research, Website Design and Internet Marketing services from Japan. Not only in Indonesia and Japan, W&S Group also oversees other online survey sites in Thailand (Yimresearch) and Vietnam (Vinaresearch). With more than 810,000 members, they claim to be the largest survey agency in Southeast Asia.

The World Wide System itself has existed since 1999. For Nusaresearch itself, it has been around since the end of 2012 and has been actively operating in Indonesia since January 2013. It’s been quite a while, right?

Every year, Nusaresearch will conduct a survey consisting of various categories and industries. This survey was conducted to analyze data supporting market research and to be considered for market strategies regarding products, services and organizations.

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In the data collection process, Nusaresearch collaborates with various people from various backgrounds. To attract the interest of many people, Nusaresearch will give rewards in the form of points which can later be exchanged for prizes, such as credit, cash or product exchange from Nusaresearch partners.

Nusaresearch operating system (Source: Nusaresearch)

What are the requirements to join Nusaresearch

There is not any!

You can directly register with Nusaresearch without having to pay or provide certain conditions. Everyone can even register directly without having to wait for approval first.

How does Nusaresearch work?

After registering, we can immediately do surveys and collect points. After a certain amount of points is accumulated, we can exchange them for other rewards such as credit or cash.

There are various surveys in Nusaresearch itself. The number of points you can get varies according to the type of survey you take.

  • Public surveys  – Surveys that all Nusaresearch members can take part in. The points you can get from public surveys generally range from 5 to 20 points, although sometimes there are some that reach 35-40 points.
  • Personal surveys – Personal surveys are surveys conducted by Nusaresearch in collaboration with other online surveys. However, similar to Nusaresearch, this survey also contains questions about the personal lives of its members. Personal surveys generally have points that are large enough to even reach hundreds.
  • Self Survey – This survey is a survey that has no reward points. Even so, the results from this self-survey will be used to determine whether you are entitled to take part in a closed survey from Nusaresearch. As the name implies, this survey contains questions about your personal data. According to the new regulations, you must take this survey every 6 months in order to continue to take closed surveys.
  • Closed Survey – This survey is specifically for members who receive an invitation by email. The points that can be obtained from this survey are the largest, up to hundreds of points. This kind of survey will usually be adjusted to the profile data and survey results about ourselves. For example, if in the survey you answered that you already have children, then you have the opportunity to be invited to take part in a closed survey about children as well.
  • Quick Survey – A survey that contains only one question with a value of 1 point for the member who joins the survey the fastest. The survey is open every Tuesday and only the first 250 correspondents are eligible to earn points.

Various types of Nusaresearch surveys that you can take.

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In addition to filling out surveys, you can also get points in other ways, such as filling out personal data, inviting friends, and taking quizzes held on Nusaresearch’s social media accounts.

How much reward can you get from Nusaresearch?

One point that we get from Nusaresearch will be worth IDR 50. So if you have 500 points the value will be equivalent to a reward of IDR 50 x 500 = IDR 25,000.

Even so, you can not arbitrarily exchange points. There is a certain number of points that you must reach before you can exchange them. The minimum points you have to earn will also depend on the payment method you want.

  • Payments via IPAYMU, mobile phone credit, and GOPAY have a minimum limit of 500 points or the equivalent of IDR 25,000.
  • For payments via PayPal will be adjusted to the current dollar exchange rate. As of 12 December 2018 the minimum payout is 600 points or the equivalent of $2
  • For payments via LINE, the minimum payout is 300 points or the equivalent of IDR 12,000

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Is Nusaresearch a scam like most online survey sites?

Honestly, I also doubt the same as you. Some online survey sites are generally synonymous with scams without clear payments. Sometimes surveys are only used to make responders circle around on certain pages with quite a lot of ads.

During the online survey at Nusaresearch, I did not encounter these kinds of things. In fact the process is very simple. Likewise with payment issues, very punctual.

What are the other advantages of Nusaresearch?

Besides having many surveys that can be answered easily, Nusaresearch also has an affiliate program, you know! For every friend you successfully invite, you will get additional points with the following criteria.

  • An additional 10 points for each friend who is successfully invited and creates a Nusaresearch account.
  • Additional 50 points when our friends reach 100 points.

If you are invited by your friends to take part in Nusaresearch’s online survey, don’t be afraid that your points will be taken! Reward points will be given directly by Nusaresearch, so your points remain 100% intact.

Experience with Nusaresearch

After talking at length about Nusaresearch, it’s time for me to share my experience taking part in this online survey.

I myself know this survey from a forum. However, my experience with previous online surveys which turned out to be more lies and deceit made me not interested in online surveys. Until one day I read an article about a blogger’s experience with Nusaresearch which turned out to be paying off. And finally I tried this online survey.

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After registering, I can immediately follow all the existing surveys. The points that I managed to collect on the first day were large enough to reach hundreds. Looking at the withdrawal limit which is only 500 points I don’t think it will take long.

Unfortunately the survey is not available every day, even if there are points that can be obtained are very small. This is where I finally joined the quick survey with a prize of 1 point.

However, with so many Nusaresearch members, it is quite difficult to get points from quick surveys because the slots are very limited, only 250 respondents! If you are not diligent in monitoring quick surveys, you will definitely miss answering.

While waiting for the next public survey, I tried to fill out a private survey. Unexpectedly so many questions! Even so, all the questions are very easy because they still revolve around our daily lives. The points are also quite large compared to public surveys. Even so, don’t be surprised if the appearance of the survey is different from the Nusaresearch public survey because the private survey is a collaboration between Nusaresearch and other online surveys. After finishing with the personal survey, I also did not miss taking a survey about ourselves.

A few days after filling out a survey about ourselves, I received an invitation to take a closed survey. It is quite surprising to see that the points that can be obtained reach hundreds of points, far above public surveys which generally only reach a dozen. However, this closed survey is very rare. Maybe it is adjusted to user data so that we don’t always get the ones that meet the criteria that Nusaresearch wants.

After a few weeks (I’m not too diligent in taking surveys) , I finally collected the minimum points that I could exchange for rewards from Nusaresearch.

From my experience, the first 500 points can be earned quickly. Meanwhile, the second 500 points will take longer if we only rely on points from surveys.

Then is the reward enough?

Please note, surveys on Nusaresearch can be completed quickly. One survey containing 10 questions can generally be done within 1 minute. Closed surveys that have more questions can be completed quickly. So fast, I think stalking ex’s photos still takes a lot more time, ahem . So instead of reading useless content, filling out surveys and getting paid is still better.

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Easy point conversion and withdrawal process

Not only is the survey easy, the process of exchanging points and withdrawing prizes at Nusaresearch is also easy. For the complete method, please follow the steps below

  1. The minimum points that can be redeemed are 300 points (LINE), 500 points (iPAYMU, Cellular Credit, GOPAY), and 600 points (PayPal), so make sure you have enough points.
  2. Login to the Nusaresearch dashboard and click the WITHDRAWAL POINTS button at the top.
  3. After that you will be asked to fill in your password and date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY (ex: May 12, 1996 it will be written 12/05/1996).
  4. In the next step you will be asked to choose the payment method you want. After that, fill in the required data according to the payment method you choose. If you choose PayPal, fill in your PayPal email address, if you choose GOPAY balance, fill in your mobile number and full name.
  5. After that, wait for the confirmation email from Nusaresearch. You will have to reply to this email and fill it with data about payments. The procedure will be explained in full in the email.
  6. If you have, there will be another email reply containing a success message. Now you just have to wait for the funds to disburse.
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As additional information, points can be redeemed at any time. However, confirmation and payment will be made the following week. So don’t be confused if you don’t get a reply from Nusaresearch. A confirmation email will be sent every Monday and you must reply by Tuesday at 5 pm. Payment itself is made every Wednesday, if it coincides with a holiday it will be made the next day.

For more complete information regarding the procedure for exchanging points and prizes that you can get, log in to the Nusaresearch dashboard and look at the POINTS AND GIFTS menu.


Taking online surveys is one of the easy steps to make money from the internet. The method is relatively easy and can be done quickly. If you are looking for online surveys that are trusted and proven to pay, you should try Nusaresearch.

With relatively fast survey response times and easy questions about everyday life, filling out online surveys at Nusaresearch is one of the positive things you can do to fill your spare time. Not bad, compared to browsing unclear and getting nothing!

I myself have tried this online survey and managed to exchange points and withdraw the rewards they promised. If done more seriously, the points accumulated will probably be much faster and more.

If you are interested, just register on Nusaresearch and start collecting your points right now!


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