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Miropa Vintage. Want to know how to get free credit without an application? Instead of having to log in every day while tapping the phone screen, it’s better to try safelink blogger!

Who doesn’t want free credit? If I wanted to!

In the online era like now, smartphones may have become one of the primary needs, not only for urban people, but also in rural areas. The rapid growth of mobile phone users has made mobile phone credit one of the most sought after commodities.

With credit, there are many things we can do with smartphones, such as making calls, sending SMS messages, to buying internet packages to surf the virtual world.

Unfortunately, the need for smartphone users for credit does not necessarily make the price of pulses cheap. It seems that the price of pulses every year is the same! So don’t be surprised if promo credits / cheap data packages are usually immediately attacked by internet enthusiasts.

The high price of credit is what makes many fintech applications offer credit as a reward. After all, who doesn’t want to get free credit?

With a cellphone, you can also get free credit from the internet!

Currently there are various applications that offer free credit as a gift. The method is also quite easy because you only need to download the application and then log in every day and complete the tasks given by the application.

The tasks themselves vary from reading articles, visiting certain sites, posting to social media, playing games, to installing other applications that they recommend.

Although it looks quite easy, the results may not be much compared to the effort. Reading articles or visiting certain links is easy to do, but if you have to install all the applications, the rewards may run out to cover the download costs.

As an alternative, you can try how to get free credit without an application with safelink blogger. If this one the results can be more tolerable and the work is also much lighter. Even if we don’t do anything, the income can still run automatically, right?

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At a Glance Info About Blogger Safelink

To add to the enthusiasm for reading, I’ll attach proof of payment in the form of free credit from safelink blogger first!

Proof of payment (payment proof) in the form of free credit from safelink blogger. (click to enlarge)

How, proven to pay right? If you are interested in getting free credit from safelink blogger, keep reading! But first, let’s get acquainted with what safelink is.

What is Safelink?

As the name implies, safelink can be interpreted as a safe link. Unlike ordinary links which will immediately ‘open’ when clicked, safelink will direct visitors to a transition page (safelink converter) first.

This safelink converter itself is a special page that has been given an additional script to detect whether a link is safe from various viruses/malware or not. With safelink converter, all visitors will feel safer when visiting certain links.

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Then how does safelink blogger make money?

In practice, safelink converter pages are usually filled with ads, either from Adsense or other ad providers. This ad display will later become a commission for safelink blogger users.

How safelink bloggers work that can give a commission for every link a visitor clicks on. (click to enlarge)

If you are interested, there are many tutorials on how to create a safelink cblogger on the internet. But to make it required technical skills such as coding. In addition, you also have to be registered with media advertising providers such as Google Adsense.

For those of you who don’t want to bother, the easiest way to try safelink is to use a paid URL shortener service. That way we only need to create a free account.

As a recommendation, one URL shortener that you can try is .

What is Safelink Blogger?

I’ve already made a complete review of . You can read the article as a reference.

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The big question when we choose a paying URL shortener is, can we trust it or not? How about safelink blogger, can it be trusted?

It must be admitted that nowadays it is not difficult to find a paying URL shortener service, but I have found quite a number of services that end up being scams.

To see if safelinkblogger is a scam or fraud, we can first look at the list of payments they make to their users (payment proof) . One example is the proof of payment that I attached above.

Second, safelinkblogger is quite aggressively promoting such as the SEO contest which they have now held twice. There are also other URL shorteners that do the same thing, but safelinkblogger has been proven to pay the winners of the contests they hold, one of which is to this blog.

These two things can be an indication that safelink blogger is the best URL shortener you can trust.

The advantages of safelinkblogger com

Besides being proven to be paying and trustworthy, safelink blogger also has several advantages that can be your consideration.

  1. High payout rates for Indonesian traffic – With payout rates of $4.00 per 1000 views, safelink blogger is one of the best and highest paying URL shorteners for Indonesian traffic . Suitable for those who do have a local target audience.
  2. Small minimum withdrawal – For withdrawal via Paypal, we only need to collect a balance of $2.00 only. For withdrawals in the form of credit, it is even smaller, $0.88 for Rp. 10,000 credits.
  3. Can transfer to a local payment system – Apart from going through a bank, payments can also be made in the form of credit, electricity tokens, Gojek balance, OVO, and LinkAja.
  4. Complete tools – Complete tools make it easy for us to create short links, either manually or automatically. Safelink Blogger even has a special application for Android smartphones.

How, interested in getting free credit without an application with safelink blogger?

How to Get Free Credit from Safelink Blogger

Before you get free credit, register first, it’s easy!

  1. Go to and click the SIGN UP link.
  2. Fill in the form provided such as username, email, and password.
  3. Centang reCaptcha dan pilihan “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.”
  4. Click the REGISTER button.
  5. Done, you can login with the account you created. Don’t forget to check your email for verification.
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There are two ways we can do to get free credit from safelink blogger. The first is to create a short link and share it. The more often the link is clicked, the greater the reward we get. The second way is to invite other people to follow safelink blogger. If someone manages to invite you, you are entitled to a 10% commission on their income!

Create a short link with blogger safelink then share it

To create a short link with safelink blogger it’s very easy. Safelink itself provides a variety of tools to simplify the process. You can customize these tools according to your site’s needs later.

The easiest way to create a safelink is with the Quick Link tool. To do this, go to the safelink blogger dashboard and select the TOOLS » QUICK LINK menu. There you can see link templates like the following example.

To use it, simply replace “” with the link you want to change.

If you don’t want to go back and forth copying the code above, you can also use the bookmarklet . With this tool you only need to press a button to shorten the link. To do this, select the TOOLS » BOOKMARKLET menu then drag & drop the SHORTEN! to your browser’s bookmarks bar. If you press this button, safelink blogger will create a short link from the URL of the currently open tab.

Quickly create safelinks using Bookmarklet.

To make it even easier, you can also download the official safelink blogger application on the Google Play Store.

If you have created a safelink, then just share it. You can post this short link on your blog or share it on social media. Remember! the more people who click on the link, the greater the reward you get, the more balance that can be exchanged for free credit.

Encourage others to use blogger safelinks

Not only through safelink, you can also get commissions from safelink bloggers by inviting other people to use this URL shortening service. For every person you successfully invite, you will get a commission of 10% of the total commission they can earn for life. It’s good like this! you just need to sit still to get passive income .

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How to make a withdrawal in the form of free credit

If you already have a sufficient balance, it’s time to make a withdrawal in the form of free credit. The smallest amount you can get is IDR 10,000 credit, while the largest amount is IDR 100,000. To see the amount of free credit that you can get, please check the table below!

Total Credit Saldo Minimum
Credit IDR 10,000 $0.88
Credit IDR 20,000 $1.70
Credit Rp 50.000 $3.90
Credit Rp 100.000 $7.74

Before making a withdrawal, let’s first complete your payment profile. To do this, go to the safelink blogger dashboard and select the SETTINGS » PROFILE menu. In the WITHDRAWAL METHOD section, select the amount of free credit that you will take. Then in the WITHDRAWAL ACCOUNT section, enter your cellphone number. Withdrawals can be made to all cellular operators, from Simpati Telkomsel, IM3, XL, AXIS, Tri, Smartfren, etc. If so, click the SUBMIT button to save changes.

To make a withdrawal, go to the WITHDRAW menu and click the WITHDRAW button. Withdrawals can be made Monday-Saturday starting from 07:00 – 18:00 WIB. From my experience, the withdrawal process is not instant and takes all day. But don’t worry! the credit will definitely arrive and will not be held as long as you fill in the data correctly.

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Want Free Credit Too? Join Safelink Blogger Now!

How? It’s okay to be able to get free credit without an application. Just make a safelink and share it, you can collect commissions that you can withdraw in the form of credit. The good thing is safelink will continue to work automatically even though we don’t log in every day.

If you are interested, just join safelinkblogger now! don’t forget to invite your friends to use safelink blogger so you can get an additional 10% commission. Btw safelink blogger also has an application for Android phones, you know, check it out on the Play Store, okay!


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