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Miropa Vintage. Safelinkblogger com is a local URL Shortener that not only makes links look concise but also makes money. With a payout rate of $4 per 1,000 views, Safelinkblogger is the highest paying URL shortener for those of you who are looking for traffic from Indonesia.

If you are observant enough, there are so many ways you can do to earn money with the internet. Some of the popular ways you can do are create a blog, register for Google Adsense, and participate in affiliate marketing .

Even though there are many choices for bloggers, the three ways sometimes take a long time to be successful and produce results. If you want an easier and faster way, why not try how to make money online with URL shortening ? Not only make the link shorter, this kind of URL shortener will also give you a reward every time a visitor clicks on the link.

If you are interested, is one of the URL shortening applications with high fees for traffic from Indonesia . But before that, let’s have the same acquaintance called URL Shortener!

What is URL Shortener?

As the name suggests, URL Shortener is a web application that will shorten link names (URLs). For example, with URL shortener, I can create this link,

to More practical right?

The main goal of URL Shortener is to make URLs shorter and easier to remember. This will be very useful if we write the URL in a limited number of characters like Twitter. In addition, short links created by URL shorteners generally have a tracking code and can be tracked. This allows us to find out more data about the link such as how many clicks we get, the country of origin of the visitor, to which page we get the click from.

How the URL shortener itself can be explained briefly. You only need to enter the URL you want to shorten to the URL shortener service provider, after that you will get a new link that is ready to be shared.

One example of a URL Shortener that is quite popular is from Google, which unfortunately has now begun to be discontinued. Other alternatives that are no less popular are Bitly, Rebrandly, or TinyURL. In addition, there are examples of other URL Shorteners that are exclusively used by certain applications such as (Hootsuite), (Twitter), or (Buffer).

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Then how to get money from URL Shortener?

Unlike the URL shorteners that I mentioned earlier, there are URL shortening services that can also give you a commission for every visitor who clicks on the short link that you create.

The way this URL Shortener works is a little different from the free URL Shorteners in general. Here the link that you have shortened will take visitors to a page containing an ad that will be displayed for approximately 5 seconds before being taken to the original link they were aiming for.

The existence of this ad is what makes this kind of URL shortener can give you a pretty hefty commission if done seriously.

As you can see, this is a fairly easy way to earn money online. You only need to provide traffic for the links you have provided and BAMMM! You will get a commission depending on how many people click on the link.

Even better, you don’t need to have a website or blog first to be able to do it. The link that you have shortened can also be spread through forums or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Safelinkblogger com, a high paying local URL Shortener

If you are looking for a local URL shortener with a high CPM value, safelinkblogger is one of the best URL Shortener options . To be more clear, see the following safelinkblogger review, yuk!

The highest Indonesian CPM

One of the problems that often arise when we use URL shorteners to earn money is that the payout rates are quite low, especially for local traffic originating from Indonesia.

In many URL shortening applications, payout rates for Indonesia are still around $1. Some even set payout rates below $0.5 for every 1,000 views.

Unlike, the payout rates you get for Indonesian traffic are far above other URL shorteners. Currently safelinkblogger set a commission of $ 4 both for traffic that comes from desktop and mobile / tablet. So will be perfect for those of you who create a blog with a target of domestic visitors.

Even so, also offers overseas payout rates that are no less large. For example, you can see a comparison of Safelinkblogger’s payout rates table when compared to other URL shorteners.

Even though it doesn’t offer the highest payout, has a fairly large average CPM, even when compared to other URL shorteners that were earlier popular. With other advantages that I will mention below, it seems safelinkblogger is also worth considering even if your blog is targeting traffic from abroad.

Various withdrawal methods

If we use URL Shortener abroad, one problem that often makes us doubt is payment problems. For withdrawing funds to Indonesia, generally only online wallet payment options are provided , such as Paypal, Payoneer, or Skrill. In addition, there are also those that provide a withdrawal feature to a Bitcoin wallet.

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Compared to other URL Shorteners, provides various methods of withdrawing funds. And the method provided is also easier because we can involve local banks and general payment systems in Indonesia. Some of the withdrawal methods provided by include:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Pulse
  • PLN tokens
  • Gojek balance
  • THIS

Very small minimum withdrawal amount

You don’t have to wait a long time to enjoy the results from because the minimum withdrawal amount is very small. So there is no need to wait until hundreds of thousands before it can be liquidated. Here is the minimum withdrawal amount for each method

Methods of payment Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal $2.00
Bank Transfer $5.00
10,000 . credit $0.88
20,000 . credit $1.70
50,000 . credit $3.90
100,000 . credit $7.74
PLN tokens 20,000 $1.90
PLN tokens 50,000 $4.00
PLN tokens 100,000 $7.90
Gojek 20.000 $1.90
Gojek 50.000 $4.00
Gojek 100.000 $7.90
THIS 25,000 $2.00
THIS 100,000 $7.90

Complete statistics menu is equipped with a dashboard that has a fairly complete statistical feature. Here you can see the number of clicks per month, the amount of income, and the average CPM value that you get.

Not only that, you can also view statistics for each link and see the total clicks, the country of origin of the visitors, to the domains that contribute the most traffic and clicks.

Wide selection of tools

To create a safelink with, we don’t always have to login first. itself has provided a variety of tools that can be used according to our needs, namely:

  • Quick links – A quick method for making URLs shorter. Just copy the custom link containing our account API token and add the URL you want to go to to create our own safelink.
  • Mass shrinker – If we want to make short URLs in bulk. Currently this feature can be used to shorten 20 URLs simultaneously.
  • Full page script – To create safelinks on several active links on our website/blog. So you no longer need to bother to make safelinks one by one.
  • Developers API – For those of you who want to integrate safelinkblogger into a website/blog.
  • Bookmarklet – Bookmarklet is a quick way to create short links with safelinkblogger right from your browser toolbar. Just click the bookmarklet on the page you want to share, this tool will immediately display the short link you created.

Affiliate program

In addition to getting direct commissions from safelink bloggers , you also have the opportunity to increase the coffers of rupiah through the affiliate program they run.

As long as you are registered at, you can directly promote the affiliate link they provide. The commission is also very tempting, 10% of the commission value obtained by your downline you know!.

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How to Join SafelinkBlogger com

To get money through the way is very easy. Just register, create a safelink, then share the link and let the safelinkblogger program work to make money for every click on the link.

Three easy steps to join safelinkblogger com

To get started, go to safelinkblogger com .

Click the SIGN UP link to start creating a new account. Just fill in the username you want and then enter other data such as email address and password. After that, don’t forget to check reCAPTCHA and “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”.

To be able to use the services of, don’t forget to confirm your email address first. Check the email from in your inbox and click the account activation link in the email. After that login with the username/email address and password you registered.

Apart from web/desktop, can also be registered and accessed through the Android application, you know! Click the link below to download the app on the Google Play Store.

How to use safelink blogger

As I explained in the previous point, safelinkblogger has several methods that you can use to shorten URLs. In my opinion, there are three quite effective ways, namely by bookmarklet, mass shrinker, and full page script.

How to use safelinkblogger com with bookmarklet

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Creating a safelink using a bookmarklet is the fastest way to access the service. This method will be very useful for those of you who often share articles with your Fan Page or Twitter followers.

In this way, we only need to press the bookmarklet button that has been provided on the page to be shared. The link will be available directly and you can immediately share it.

To do this, go to the dashboard and select the TOOLS » BOOKMARKLET menu. After that you can see the SHORTEN button! Drag the button to your browser’s toolbar.

Drag the bookmarklet to the browser toolbar for quick access to

To use this bookmarklet, first go to the page you want to share and then click the SHORTEN button! the. After that there will be a settings menu that you can skip. After clicking the OK button, you will immediately get the safelink you want.

How to use safelinkblogger com with mass shrinker

If you have multiple links to share, then mass shrinker is a great way to use the URL shortening service from That way you don’t need to make short links one by one. With this tool you can create 20 safelinks at once.

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Simply log in to the dashboard and select the TOOLS » MASS SHINKER menu. After that enter all the links you want to change and click the SHORTEN button to shorten all the URLs.

One important note, make sure you do not abuse this feature so that this feature is not disabled by

How to use safelinkblogger com with full page script

If you share a lot of download links that point to certain sites such as mediafire, mega, or zippyshare, then this one tool will be perfect for you. With Full page script, we can automatically replace download links to these sites with safelinks that we get from With this tool you no longer need to bother looking for and changing all the links on your site.

To use this tool, login to the dashboard and select the TOOLS » FULL PAGE SCRIPT menu. Here you can see two Javascript codes that you can add to your blog.

If you want to change all the links that point to a specific site (e.g. and, then you can use the following code,

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var adlinkfly_url = ‘’;
var adlinkfly_api_token = ’76f9df3980bc93fa1156009a4d2145529f15e42c’;
var adlinkfly_advert = 2;
var adlinkfly_domains = [‘’, ‘*’];
<script src=’//’></script>

If you want to add another site, change the variable adlinkfly_domainsand add another site name using quotation marks like the example above.

For those of you who want to change all the links on your blog except the links that point to your own site, then you can use the following javascript code,

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var adlinkfly_url = ‘’;
var adlinkfly_api_token = ’76f9df3980bc93fa1156009a4d2145529f15e42c’;
var adlinkfly_advert = 2;
var adlinkfly_exclude_domains = [‘’];
<script src=’//’></script>

If there are other sites that you also want to give an exception to, change the variable adlinkfly_exclude_domainsand add the name of the site with quotes like the example above.

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How to make a safelink is one of the most sought-after tutorials on the Adsense forums. With a concept similar to URL Shortener, safelink owners will benefit for every visitor who clicks on the link they provide. If you don’t want the hassle, using a web app like is the easiest option.

In addition, SafelinkBlogger also has other advantages such as a high CPM value for Indonesian traffic, a very small withdrawal amount, and easy transactions with local payment systems. So if you are looking for a paying URL Shortener, why not just use safelinkblogger?

Come on! immediately register at Safelinkblogger com . If you have, see also tips about paying URL shorteners so that your profit is maximized. Finally, don’t forget to also download the Android application via the Google Play Store link below.


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