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Miropa Vintage. Most local URL Shorteners only count 1 unique view per 1 IP address. If you are looking for an alternative shortlink that counts unique views from multiple visits, why not try

Paying URL shortener or safelink is one way to make money from the internet.

With safelink, we only need to create a short link (shortlink) and share it with others. The more people who access the link, the greater the commission we can get.

When compared to Google Adsense or affiliate marketing, playing with safelink is the best alternative that can bring in large amounts of money and quickly. If you have a downloadable blog, I think that expensive shortlinks are the best way to monetize that blog.

To start using shortlinks, we can use a paid URL shortener service which I think is quite easy to find, not only from abroad but also from Indonesia.

Compared to URL shorteners from abroad, local blogger safelink has many advantages. One of the most important is the higher payout rates for traffic from Indonesia.

In addition, the payment system is also more diverse and supports local payment methods such as Transfers between Bank Indonesia, OVO, or Gopay. Not only that, you can also exchange your balance for Cellular Credit or Electricity Tokens.

Problem with Local URL Shortener

One problem that quite a lot appears in local safelinks is how to calculate unique views which are only counted 1 per 1 IP address.

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In order for the IP address to be recalculated, there is a cooldown process that takes 24 hours. Or in other words, the same visitor must come back the next day so that the views they get can be counted as 1 unique view.

This is a lot of questions for safelink users. Whereas visitors who come to the download blog may not only download one file that they need, but also other files that are of interest to them.

Question whether or not there is a shortlink that counts more than 1 views per IP address

Then is there any Indonesian URL shortener that counts more than 1 view for 1 unique IP?

Maybe not many, one of them is Linku.ID. Review – Safelink Counting View More than 1 per IP is a product of Hitsadsmedia which also oversees Safelinku and Adsafelink . So don’t be surprised if the appearance of is very similar to its ‘brother’, Adsafelink.

Compared to the other two services, is offered with another advantage where unique views from a particular IP address will not be counted once, but up to three times.

The scheme itself is like this, the first view will get 100% of the offered CPM value. The second display will get a 50% rate and the third display will get 25% of the payout rates.

So if there are 1,000 visitors from America who use your shortlink three times, then you will get a commission of,

(Rp115.000×100%) + (Rp115.000×50%) + (Rp115.000×25%) = Rp201.250

Not bad, compared to only getting 100% of the payout rates, right?

(Click the button above to see a demo of shortlink)

Payout Rates

Not only appearance, also has payout rates similar to Adsafelink. The difference is that the payout rates for Indonesian traffic are only priced at IDR 32,000 compared to Adsafelink which provides a CPM of IDR 82,000.

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So if you are looking for the best URL shortener that pays a lot of traffic from Indonesia , Adsafelink is still a better choice. However, if you are after international traffic, is the best alternative.

Country CPM
Germany Rp125.000
Qatar Rp120.000
Kuwait Rp120.000
United States Rp115.000
Netherlands Rp115.000
United Kingdom Rp110.000
Canada Rp102.000
Switzerland Rp102.000
Sweden Rp87.000
Spain Rp87.000
Oman Rp78.000
France Rp78.000
United Arab Emirates Rp75,000
New Zealand Rp72.000
Lebanon Rp72.000
Saudi Arabia Rp72.000
Norway Rp72.000
Sudan Rp72.000
Australia Rp70.500
Bahrain Rp63.000
Italy Rp63.000
Egypt Rp63.000
India Rp57.000
Morocco Rp57.000
Malaysia Rp54.000
Japan Rp48.000
Singapore Rp42.000
Indonesia Rp32,000
Vietnam Rp31.500
Worldwide Rp30.000

How to Register

The way to register for is very easy.

  1. Go to the site and look for the REGISTER button
  2. Enter Username, Email, Password, and click reCaptcha
  3. Check the option ‘I agree and understand the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ‘ then click the REGISTER button

After registering, you can use the new account without having to verify via email.

How to register on

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How to Create a Short Link with has provided a field so that we can create short links quickly and easily.

Simply login to the dashboard then enter the link that you want to shorten in the available field then press the ENTER button. After that you will get a short link that is ready to be shared.

How to create a short link with

Apart from that, also provides other tools to make it easier for you to create short links, including:

  • Mass shrinker so you can create up to 20 short links at once. You can access these tools through the TOOLS » MASS SHINKER menu.
  • Full Page Script so that we can change all the links we want to be shortlinks. To be clear, you can read how to use the Full Page Script safelink . You can access these tools through the TOOLS » FULL PAGE SCRIPT menu.
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How to Withdraw from

To make a withdrawal, Linku only provides two ways. The first is via Bank Transfer, and the second is in the form of Cellular Credit. Both have a minimum withdrawal amount of IDR 50,000.

Before making a withdrawal, log in to the dashboard and then enter the SETTINGS » PAYMENT menu.

Select the withdrawal method you want and then enter the withdrawal info such as Phone Number (for withdrawals in the form of credit) and account number, bank name, and account holder name (for withdrawals via Bank Transfer).

To make a withdrawal, login to the Linku dashboard and select the WITHDRAWAL menu.

After that, select the withdrawal amount (Cellular Credit) or enter the withdrawal amount (Bank Transfer).

Withdrawals can be made at any time and will be processed between 2-7 working days.


So, in conclusion, here is a summary of the URL shortening service

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  • Payout Rates: Rp125.000 (Germany), Rp115.000 (USA), dan Rp32.000 (Indonesia)
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer and Cellular Credit
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rp50.000
  • Referral Bonus: 15%
  • Tools: Quick Links, Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script
  • Demo:
  • Link:

As a part of Hitsadsmedia, I quite trust Linku, especially so far I have tried other services such as Adsafelink and Safelinku and have proven to be paying.

However, compared to the two services, Linku feels more suitable for those of you who are eyeing traffic from abroad.

As additional information, Linku also provides an option for those of you who don’t want to use reCaptcha or advertisements in the form of Pop-Under. That way you can use safelink without disturbing the comfort of your blog visitors.

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If you are interested, just go to the site and register right away!


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