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Miropa Vintage. Making money online with URL shortening is indeed tempting. Only capital stocking links we can get a commission. If you’re using a paid URL shortener, these few tips can help you.

Safelink, shortlink, paying URL shortener, or whatever you called it , is one of the unique ways to make money online. Simply shorten the link, we can get a commission for every click on the link.

You can see examples of yourself on many sites. If you have ever entered a page full of advertisements before entering the download/article link, it is certain that the site uses safelink.

If you have a site that has lots of download links, using a paid URL shortening service can bring you a sizable profit per month. In fact, this method may be more effective than relying on CPC advertising services such as Google Adsense.

But before you start playing safelink, first consider the following tips and tricks.

Paying URL Shortener Tips & Tricks

Don’t be tempted by a high CPM value

If you compare the payout rates of various URL shorteners, you will probably find some URL shorteners that have above average payouts. The difference is sometimes quite significant and very tempting. But this is where you have to be careful!

There is a reason why the value of payout rates can vary, not only between countries but also between URL shortener services. The value itself is largely affected by how much the advertiser is willing to spend. So if there is a new URL shortener that offers payout rates that are much higher than other URL shorteners that are already established, there are two possibilities. First they are doing promotions to find a lot of customers. Second, they want to cheat. Wow, the second one has to be careful!

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One of the cases that recently happened was in the URL shortener which turned out to be a scam (scam) . With very high payout rates for local traffic, this URL shortener managed to attract the interest of many users before finally disappearing somewhere. Another case that has also happened is the giving of insane referral commissions above 50% (one even offered 100%). And just like the previous case, the owner of the URL shortener service finally disappeared without a trace.

Do not be easily tempted to see the value of payout rates above the average. First, check the ToS or look for user reviews.

In addition to indications of fraud, URL shorteners often set high payout rates also provide super strict conditions. One of the things that often happens is how to calculate valid clicks which is quite stingy. A more complete explanation goes to the next point, okay!

Not all clicks are recorded

For information, not all clicks that you get will be recorded in commission. In order to be listed as a valid click, a visitor must meet several conditions such as:

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  • Must enable JavaScript
  • Must enable cookies
  • Must see ad impressions for 5-10 seconds.

Even if all these conditions are met, the URL shortener service provider will still limit the number of clicks from one visitor with a unique IP. In order for clicks from the same visitor to count again, they must come back at least within 24 hours.

This is a bit difficult to track because many URL shortening services are not transparent in calculating how many valid clicks are counted as getting a commission. Some URL shorteners that have high payout rates often have lower limits (1-3 clicks per 1 unique IP), while some other URL shorteners have higher limits (>10 clicks per 1 unique IP).

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Not all clicks are considered valid, you know!

Use two or more URL shorteners

If you have a site that contains lots of download links, visitors can click on a large number of links on your site. If the URL shortener that you use has a limit in assessing valid clicks, then clicks that exceed that limit will be lost and not recorded. This is what often makes the number of clicks sometimes not in accordance with our income should.

To solve the problem above, you can use two or more URL shorteners in one website.

Don’t link URL shorteners with each other

To make a quick profit, website owners often use 2-3 link shorteners and link them to one another. For example, one link will point to and then connect again to linkshrink.

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On almost every paying URL Shortener this is prohibited and against their service policy. Some URL shorteners will even automatically detect if you want to shorten links from other paid URL shorteners. If you are caught, the payment may be canceled and your balance will return to $0.00.

Avoid Paypal method

Paypal is an international payment system that is the common payment system that all URL shorteners have. With Paypal, we can make financial transactions with other people easily even though different countries.

But unfortunately payment with Paypal requires a certain fee. For example, withdrawing funds with a minimum amount of $5.00 will incur an additional fee of 4.4% + $0.3.

Use local URL shortener

To avoid Paypal, we can use a local URL shortener. Moreover, the payout rates offered are also no less large than foreign URL shorteners. The advantage of local URL shorteners is their high payout rates for Indonesian traffic .

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By using an Indonesian URL shortener, we can make the process of withdrawing funds more easily via local bank transfers. In addition, the payment system is more diverse because funds can be exchanged for credit, electricity tokens, Gojek balances, to OVO.

Payments with non-bank local payment systems also have their own advantages in that the minimum withdrawal amount is much smaller. For example, on safelinkblogger we can exchange a balance of $0.88 with a pulse of Rp. 10,000 or $1.90 with an electricity token of Rp. 20,000. This amount is much smaller than the minimum withdrawal amount via Bank which is $5.00.

Local URL shorteners have a more diverse payment system.


The many choices of paid URL shorteners sometimes make us confused which one to choose. Especially if the payout rates offered are greater than the URL shorteners that we use.

If you find a URL Shortner more promising, don’t rush to a new URL Shortener and replace all the links. It’s good if we wait at least until we cross the withdrawal limit.

If necessary, try a new URL shortener on the most active links to see how it performs. Compare its statistical data with the old URL shortener. If it turns out to be better and the payment is smooth, then move on!

Feel free to use referrals

In addition to advertising commissions, paying URL shorteners also provide commissions through affiliate or referral programs. With this program, we will get a reward for every user we successfully invite to use the URL shortener service. The amount of this commission varies but the average ranges from 5-25%, although there are those who offer above that number.

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This referral program itself aims to attract new users through existing users. Isn’t it okay to get passive income just by promoting products/services that we actually use ourselves?

Earn extra commission by referring others using URL shortener

Even so, there are still negative sentiments towards the referral program, maybe for those of you who are reading this article. After all, who doesn’t suspect that someone else will get a bonus if we join through their referral link?

Wow, if that’s the case, my income will decrease!

Yet the reality is not like that! Whether through the referral program or not, your income will remain the same. Payout rates that you get will remain the same without deducting commissions for others. Then why not be kind to other people who have recommended the best URL shortener to you?

So don’t hesitate to use the referral link!


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