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Miropa Vintage. Want to upload files to get money or credit? If so, one of the local Pay per Download services that you can try is

Online storage is a popular application that is commonly used to store files on the internet. With this online storage media, we can save on the use of personal hard disks, store data more securely, and be free from maintenance problems.

If you often share files, online storage is the best choice with the sharing features they have. If you have a personal site, sharing files via online storage media will definitely reduce the server load. In addition, we do not need to upload the same file over and over again if you share the file with many people.

Some services or data storage facilities that are quite popular are Google Drive, Mediafire, or Dropbox. But if you need an alternative, why not give a try?

Unlike most online storage services, provides a Pay per Download service where you can get a commission every time a visitor downloads the file you upload.

The pay may not be much, but if you calculate it, it’s pretty good compared to not getting anything. Review, Upload Files Get Money and Credit

If we are looking for an online storage service , one of the first important things we look for may be how much space we can allocate.

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If you registered at, don’t worry! For each account, you will get 5,000 MB of disk space (5 GB). Large enough to accommodate multiple files.

Then what about the payment?

The rate given by is divided by ‘Level’ which is calculated based on the number of successful downloads you get. The higher your level, the higher the rate you get per download.

  1. New User (Download 0 – 5.000) Rate: Rp15.000/1.000 Download
  2. Sfile User (Download 5.000 – 10.000) Rate: Rp17.000/1.000 Download
  3. Trusted User (Download 10.000 – 25.000) Rate: Rp20.000/1.000 Download
  4. Premium User (Download 25.000 – 75.000) Rate: Rp25.000/1.000 Download
  5. VIP User (Downloads above 75,000) Rate: Rp30,000/1,000 Download

To start using the service, we don’t really need to register first. It’s just that if we upload as a guest, we don’t have a chance to get money from the files we upload, unfortunately, right?

How to Register Sfile mobi

How to register on is very easy. The fastest way is to register with a Facebook account. If you want to do it the normal way, please follow these steps.

  1. Go to the site sfile mobi
  2. Fill in the Username, Email, and Password then enter the Captcha code
  3. When finished, open the email you registered at (check email in your inbox or spam folder)
  4. Click the verification link from
  5. Done, you can use the file storage service from

How to register a new account on

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How to Upload Files Get Money on

For information, has a limit of 100 MB for each file to be uploaded. So if the file you are going to upload is larger than that, first split the file using an application like WinRAR or HJSplit.

  1. Login to sfile mobi
  2. Click the UPLOAD menu in the top menu
  3. Click the CHOOSE FILE button to select a file to upload.
  4. Select the category of the file you uploaded (APK, Config. Document, Image, Other, or Video)
  5. Fill in the file description if needed.
  6. Give a password to make sure the file can only be downloaded by certain users.
  7. Click the UPLOAD FILE button
  8. When you’re done you can see a link to share the file you’ve uploaded.
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To see all the files that you have uploaded, login to and check the MY FILES menu.

How to upload files on

How to Get Money Uploading Files on

As mentioned earlier, implements a Pay per Download system where we will get a commission for every user who downloads the file that we upload.

To see the amount of our income, login to and enter the MY REVENUE menu. If the accumulated balance has passed the withdrawal limit, you can withdraw the funds in the form of Credit, Bank Transfer, or Paypal.

  • Minimum IDR 6,000 for withdrawals in the form of Credit or Game Vouchers.
  • Minimum IDR 100,000 for withdrawal via Local Bank transfer.
  • Minimum IDR 200,000 for withdrawal via Paypal.

To make a withdrawal, log in to and select the MY PANEL » REQUEST PAYMENT menu. After that select the payment method you want and then enter the required data.

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