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Miropa Vintage. In addition to advertising, another way to make money through blogs is with affiliate marketing . But what is affiliate marketing ? How does it work? Then what should be done to start  affiliate marketing ?

“Want to know how to blog and make money?”

“Want to know how to get passive income through your blog?”

“Want to know how to earn extra from blogging?”

Some of the sentences above may be a common question that is eagerly awaited by bloggers who want to make money with their blog.

With the lure of getting rich quick via the internet, now there are so many people who are vying to create a blog and hope they can monetize the blog to earn additional income. Not only new bloggers, those who already have blogs also don’t want to be left behind and start thinking about being able to monetize their blogs.

Fortunately nowadays it is not difficult to find ways to earn money from blogs. One of the most common ways is to advertise. For the problem of placing ads, many beginner bloggers know only Google AdSense. It’s no wonder that the popularity of this Google ad network compared to other competitors is actually no less interesting.

But what makes you dizzy, Adsense applies quite strict conditions before you can use it. This of course makes a lot of bloggers frustrated because AdSense is not accepted even though it has been months for registering. If you want something easier and you can do it quickly, why not try affiliate marketing .

What is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Basically, affiliate marketing is a business model where you will get a commission if a client buys a product through your recommendation.

For example, I have a Hostinger review article on this blog. There I give an overview of what are the advantages and disadvantages of cheap hosting.

Since I’ve also used Hostinger and was quite satisfied with the service, I recommend it to others who are looking for a cheap hosting solution.

If there are users who are interested and then buy a hosting package at Hostinger through the link I provided in the article, then I will get a commission of a few rupiahs/percent of the hosting package purchased by that user.

From this explanation, affiliate marketers may be more like brokers who connect product owners with potential buyers. Each successful transaction will provide its own advantages for the broker.

If so, is it a loss for visitors who buy via affiliate links?

There’s nothing wrong with thinking like that.

Back when I wasn’t familiar with affiliate programs, I also always felt cheated when I bought through a website that included an affiliate link. Just like the thought above, I’m worried that the price I buy will be more expensive than buying directly from the official website.

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“There’s a commission, isn’t it worth the price?” That’s what I thought at first.

But apparently that’s not how affiliate marketing works. After all, if that’s the case, the affiliate program will quickly wither and not get a lot of attention from bloggers, right?

When you buy through an affiliate link, the price you get remains the same’. There are even affiliate programs that provide additional discounts so you can get a lower price.

For example, I have a coupon that you can use to get a discount on hosting at Niagahoster. Just enter the a-bisablog coupon code , then you can get an additional 5% discount. It’s even cheaper than buying directly from Niagahoster, right?

Use the a-bisablog coupon for an additional 5% discount on every hosting purchase at NIAGAHOSTER


Wow, so the product owner is the one who loses!

Yes and no.

The main purpose of affiliate marketing for product owners (merchants) is to introduce products and increase  brand awareness , just like advertising. After all, advertising is definitely a waste of money.

Like promotions in general, a successful affiliate program will certainly increase product sales. In addition, there is the potential to get loyal buyers who can make their next transaction (repeat purchase).

And the good thing is that the product owner only has to pay a commission for a successful transaction. So do not be surprised if they dare to pay affiliate commissions at a high enough price.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

From the explanation above, the simple process of earning money with affiliate marketing can be written in these four simple steps.

  1. You promote products or services to others by adding affiliate links on the web and on social media accounts.
  2. The visitor clicks on your affiliate link and makes a transaction.
  3. Successful transactions will be recorded by the affiliate owner.
  4. You get a commission for every successful transaction.

However, the behind-the-scenes process is not as easy as you might think.

One important question, how to determine the amount of affiliate marketing commissions that we receive? How do product owners know if there is a transaction through our affiliate link?

All this is done using cookies .

I will not explain technically, but these cookies are used to store all visitor information such as IP address, time of visit, how long you are on a website, to your affiliate ID.

For example, suppose you have a site that is registered with one of the affiliate programs.

When a visitor comes and clicks on the affiliate link that you have installed, a cookie will be created and stored on the visitor’s computer. If a visitor makes a purchase through this link, you will get a commission. So you don’t have to worry about your commissions being swapped with other affiliate marketers.

Cookies themselves have a validity period that varies from 24 hours to 30 days depending on the affiliate program you are participating in. So if a visitor clicks on the affiliate link that you installed but doesn’t make a purchase right away, you can still get a commission as long as the transaction is made within the cookie ‘s validity period.

Types of Affiliate Marketing

Getting a commission through affiliate marketing is not only about sales. There are many types of affiliate marketing and you can earn commissions as long as you meet the target.

  • Pay-per-Sale : This is a common example of affiliate marketing where you will earn a commission for every successful purchase.
  • Pay-per-Click : For this type of affiliate program, you can get a commission as long as there are visitors who are directed from the affiliate link that you have. But usually the commission is much lower than the Pay-per-Sale commission.
  • Pay-per-Lead : This one is a little different because you can earn a commission if a visitor is successfully directed from your affiliate link to a landing page where they have to fill out contact info in a form.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

Each method must have its advantages and disadvantages, affiliate marketing is no exception. Some of the pros and cons below might help you see if you are a good fit for the affiliate program.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing


Unlike AdSense where you have to wait for approval from Google before you can place ads, generally affiliate programs can be directly followed by you without going through the selection process first.

The promotion method is also very easy because usually you will be given a variety of tools ranging from affiliate links to banners of various sizes.

No Hassle Problems with Production, Transactions, Delivery, and Stock of Goods.

With affiliate marketing, your involvement in a product is only limited to selling and promoting it. In other words, receive the money, finished.

That way you don’t have to bother with product problems. All processes related to production, payment, delivery, to the stock of goods have been arranged by the owner of the product.


In general, to become a distributor of a product you have to buy a license for the product. In addition, your target operation is usually limited to certain areas.

Then what about affiliate marketing? Free!

Well, maybe not all of them, but generally you don’t need to spend money in advance either for deposits, registration fees, or buying their products as a condition of being accepted into the affiliate program.

There are Many Affiliate Program Options

Currently, there are many affiliate programs in various niches that you can look for. Not only overseas affiliate programs, local products also do not want to lose in encouraging the interest of local bloggers to participate in promoting their products.

Small Risk

There is no attachment between you and the affiliate program you follow. If you find that you don’t fit into an affiliate program, you can switch to another program without worrying about being fined and so on.

In addition, affiliate programs are generally free, so you have nothing to lose if you don’t manage to sell a single product.

Potential Passive Income 24 Hours Nonstop

The promotional article that you have inserted the affiliate link will continue to work 24 hours non-stop even though we are not connected to the internet. If it has been optimized both in terms of content and SEO, it is not impossible that the affiliate link will be a source of  your passive income  .

No Need to Have a Blog

Yup, I said above that  affiliate marketing  is one way to earn money through blogs. But you can use the affiliate link you can use anywhere such as social media accounts. But you have to be wise, if you want to share affiliate links on social media, don’t let your friends or followers get distracted by seeing affiliate links that are milling about on your timeline too often.

Lack of Affiliate Marketing

Your income depends on other people

When we become affiliate marketers, what we do is promote other people’s products or services to earn commissions. The name of working for other people, of course we have to follow the rules of the game owner of the product.

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Although generally affiliate program providers maintain good relationships with affiliate marketers, there are times when they do something that can be detrimental, such as changing affiliate schemes, lowering affiliate commissions, or even removing the affiliate system.

If this happens, it is not impossible that our income will be drastically reduced and our efforts to promote affiliate products will be in vain.

Compete with other affiliate marketers

The savory benefits that can be obtained from affiliate marketing certainly make everyone vying to taste it. If you decide to join too, then you will be in tight competition with other affiliate marketers who have already started.

Effect of affiliate products on your web reputation

This is the reason why you must be selective in choosing an affiliate program. A good product reputation may not have much effect on your website. But a bad product reputation can make your web reputation bad too.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

After reading all the explanations above at length, it’s time for you to know how to start affiliate marketing.

Choose a Niche

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Although it can be done with a general-themed blog, in order to be successful in affiliate marketing, it’s a good idea to target the market with a certain theme (niche).

Besides being easier to find suitable affiliate programs, affiliate products have a higher potential to sell because you are marketing them to people who are really interested in your site’s niche.

To determine the right niche, you can start looking on topics that you like. It would be even better if you choose a niche that you master or have experience in that niche.

Find the Right Affiliate Program

After determining a niche, it’s time to find an affiliate program that fits that niche. To do so, we can look for it with the following steps.

Searching for Affiliate Programs Through Google/Websites.

One plus value in affiliate marketing is your knowledge of a product you are promoting.

So if you have a product / service that you use often, it’s a good idea to see first whether the product has an affiliate program or not. If it turns out to be so, then you are lucky to be able to promote a product that you already know the ins and outs of.

If you don’t have a specific product, you can search for affiliate programs that match your niche through Google.

Just enter the type of product you want to market, then add the keywords “affiliate”, “affiliate”, or “referral”. For example, if you have a site with a travel theme, you can try searching for “travel affiliate” to find a suitable affiliate program. If you haven’t found it yet, try another word combination.

In addition, don’t forget to arrange so that the search results come from Indonesia only to search for domestic affiliate programs.

Especially for local affiliate marketing, it seems the choice is still not as much as foreign affiliate programs. Even if you find suitable affiliate programs, they are usually offered through affiliate networks which we will discuss next.

Looking for Affiliate Programs Through the Affiliate Network

Affiliate network (affiliate network) is a place that brings together advertisers and publishers. To make it easier, just imagine an affiliate network as a marketplace for products or services that offer affiliate programs.

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The existence of this kind of affiliate network will benefit both parties because the advertiser does not have to bother creating and managing their affiliate program. Those who want to try affiliate marketing can also easily find affiliate programs that fit their niche easily from one place.

Examples of the most popular affiliate networks are CommissionJunction and ShareASale. For local versions, you can try Flatten or Idaff .

Cheating Others’ Affiliate Programs

For inspiration, you can also copy affiliate programs that are followed by other people who play in the same niche. That way you can see an overview of the product that you are going to promote without the hassle of doing research. In this way, you can also learn how they market the affiliate products they use.

But you still have to be careful in choosing an affiliate program and don’t be tempted to see just the commission. Also pay attention to the payment method, payout rate, and the length of time the cookies are valid.

Promote Affiliate Links Through Websites and Social Media Accounts

If you have joined the affiliate program, there are various tools they will provide to help you promote their products. These tools can be in the form of affiliate links or promotional banners.

In order for you to earn commissions from affiliate marketing, you must post an affiliate link on your website or social media account. But don’t just spread the link! make sure you have a specific strategy to increase the number of conversions. As a first step, you can create articles about affiliate product reviews or posts that discuss problems, questions, or other issues about the product. After that, you can share the link to the article with other people who need it.

Increase Traffic

The more traffic, of course, the more people who see the affiliate link that you install. And this certainly increases your chances of getting people to buy products from your affiliate program.

To increase traffic to articles, we can use SEO so that our content can be perched on the first page of Google search results with the keywords we want. If this is too difficult, you can use other channels such as through social media accounts or by being active in Facebook groups and forums around your niche site.

So, Can You Really Get Rich Through Affiliate Marketing?

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So, can you really earn money through affiliate marketing?

Of course, I can! But how much money you can make depends on how much effort you put into promoting an affiliate program.

As an inspiration, the Niagahoster affiliate program that I follow quite often reports the value of commissions earned by all affiliate brands who promote their products. And quite a lot of them can get a total commission of up to tens of millions of rupiah, some can even break the hundred million rupiah mark.

Niagahoster affiliate commission list as of October 2018

But remember! Affiliate marketing can’t make you rich overnight. Just like any other business, you need to get it right, be consistent, and work hard.

But seeing how easy it is for you to join the affiliate program, it’s a shame to miss the opportunity to earn additional income through affiliate marketing. Just help with promotions, we can get commissions without the hassle of creating, saving, and sending a product.


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